Chand party leader accused in principal murder case being probed for firearms possession

The Morang District Court has arrested Dhan Bahadur BK alias DB Silwal, Morang, who is responsible for the Communist Party of Nepal, led by Netra Bikram Chand, on remand on a firearms case.

BK, a resident of Madi Township No. 4, Sankhuwasabha Town, was arrested a month ago for the murder of school principal Rajendra Shrestha in Miklajung Township, Morang.

Shrestha, the director of Saraswati Elementary School, was killed by cadres of the Chand-led party, whose activities were banned by the government. A group of six party activists abducted him from his home in Barkhe, Miklajung-1, on December 4th. On the same day he was found dead in a nearby forest.

On Wednesday, a single bank ruled Judge Durga Khadka to put BK on remand.

Following a lead, the Morang District Police Department arrested BK for extorting money from businessmen in the No. 4 community of the Budhiganga rural community in Morang. BK, who was also involved in the murder of Shrestha, was arrested with a semi-automatic pistol with its bullets a month ago, police said.

Following an investigation, the Morang District Police Department had filed two separate files against BK with the Morang District Attorney’s Office – the firearms, kidnapping and murder cases. On Sunday, the office had registered a firearms case against BK with the district court.

According to Raj Kumar Dahal, registrar at Morang District Court, the court will begin receiving statements from BK on Sunday regarding the kidnapping and murder case brought against him.

“On Sunday the court will begin recording statements from BK on the kidnapping and murder case. He was taken into custody after the hearing on the gun case, ”Dahal said.

Meanwhile, a kidnapping and murder case has been filed against the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal, Netra Bikram Chand, and 41 other party activists in connection with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Miklajung’s headmaster Shrestha.

On Monday, prosecutors filed charges against 42 people in Morang District Court. Among them, 41 suspects are at large, while BK was being held in judicial detention, according to the District Police Department.

“The search for the other suspects is ongoing,” said Santosh Khadka, police superintendent in Morang.

According to the indictment filed in court, 54-year-old Shrestha was kidnapped and then murdered on Chand’s orders. The Chand group had addressed the incident by issuing a statement that the party had taken action against Shrestha in retaliation for being a source of information for the police and helping them arrest party leaders and cadres.

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