Charges were brought in the Jefferson City gun case

Rafael jones jr.

Rafael jones jr.

Formal charges were brought against a Jefferson City man in connection with a gun violation on Tuesday.

Rafael Jones Jr., 25, is charged with third degree assault, illicit gun use and first degree stalking.

The incident occurred in the 1400 block of Elizabeth Street, according to police reports.

Officers located the victim and a witness outside an apartment building, suggesting Jones was in an apartment with a gun. The victim said a verbal argument had escalated to the point that Jones took out a pistol and fired a round into the chamber before allegedly saying, “I’m going to kill everyone.”

Jones was contacted on a cell phone and after giving several orders, he left the apartment.

When Jones was arrested, a child was found unharmed in a back bedroom.

Police said a search of the home revealed a fully loaded 9mm pistol that matched the description of the victim and the witness.

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