Chipman’s hearing performance and Nerf 80% receiver [VIDEO]

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The Chipman hearings

The hearings for ATF director nominee David Chipman started last week, and it was … well, an unmitigated disaster.

From directly stating that he believed ARs should be included under the National Firearms Act, to his countless abusive remarks against American gun owners, to his strange Dr. Pepper moment, to the point of stating that the only people who would benefit from unreserved benefits would be criminals, for old Chippy it can’t be said that the hearings went well.

Remember, appointments like this only require a simple majority in the Senate, where two Republicans and two Democrats say they are not yet sure about their position on Chipman’s nomination. The Senate is more or less split in half, so Manchin’s vote here is likely to decide or destroy the situation. However, Chipman’s performance has been so poor that its confirmation doesn’t seem incredibly likely, at least not to this observer.

I agree with Cam Edwards, who posited that “this should be a moment of bipartisan settlement” where people on both sides of the mainstream have reason to oppose Chipman’s nomination.

Chipman has an extremist, totalitarian view of law enforcement and a sheer disdain for American gun owners and their Second Amendment rights. Executive agencies are supposed to be tasked with dutifully enforcing the law, not with militant expansionism and an overactive imagination of new and interesting ways to cage Americans.

It’s nerf or nothing

A gentleman on Twitter by the name of 00Meat asked a question, “I want a list of the consequences of every Nerf gun becoming an 80% receiver.” Then came the CAD.

In a matter of hours, the madman had designed some kind of bolt and barrel to be attached to ordinary Nerf toy guns. Why do such a thing? Well, to point out how absolutely clown shoes are ATF’s new “frame or receiver” definition.

Should the new definition of ATF (which tries to treat unfinished receivers like firearms) be enforced with the design of 00Meat, it must be argued that every Nerf weapon in the country will then be an “unfinished receiver”. The design is evolving and a group of eager people is behind 00Meat to test and test the design.

Texas’s Suppressor Haven

tiny suppressorsJeremy S. for TTAG

The Texas Senate passed HB957 and is being presented to Governor Gregg Abbott for signature. Many have compared this to Kansas’ unfortunate attempt to free the people of their state from the aggressive supremacy of the NFA, but it is a little more nuanced.

Texas law doesn’t go that far into the problem of supremacy, it just recites a basic principle of the law around the constitution’s trade clause: that federal authorities have no commercial jurisdiction over non-intergovernmental items.

It really is the state of the law, but Texas’ HB957 also contains some protective logic that prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from enforcing bans on oppression.

Now it is important to note that the law does nothing to protect residents from federal attempts to enforce restrictions on oppression. It couldn’t do that without raising problems of supremacy.

It’s also important to remember that the Supreme Court really screwed up the proverbial pooch on the trade clause on a number of occasions. Some recent members of the Court of Justice have raised concerns about these earlier decisions, but it remains to be seen whether and on which side the Supreme Court would take a position in a case like this.

Washington: No 2A if 1A is going on

constitutional open wearingShutterstock

Washington Governor Inslee has signed SB5038, which prohibits the open carrying of a firearm within 80 meters of a “legal demonstration” in a public place. The law seems pretty toothless as it first requires the person to be notified and asked to leave the country before facing criminal charges. This could make legal challenges against the new law more difficult, as factual enforcement situations would necessarily sound like trespassing, allowing prosecutors an “easy escape” to avoid the law’s difficulties.

Mississippi Sheriff offers training for the elderly

old senior weapons shelf slide home defenseShutterstock

Weapons security and training courses are offered in Claiborne County to ensure those in need are armed and ready for action when needed. “I’m hanging [my target] at my back door, so my kids know that I am very capable of wearing a hat, ”added a retired headmaster who attended the class.

Man shot dead hours after police stole his gun

Crime scene tape police lineBigstock

A man’s girlfriend was shot dead in Inkster, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. When police came to investigate her death, they confiscated her friend’s firearm to make sure it wasn’t the one used in the shooting. Hours later, the men who killed his girlfriend came back and shot him in the head.

White House Press Secretary: The US has a gun problem, not a crime problem

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if we have a “crime problem” given the violent crime slip. She replied, “Well, I would say there is certainly a gun problem” before embarking on the gun control promises.

Reno can be demetished

(AP Photo / Patrick Semansky, File)

A great person and channel trying to help others navigate the right hand side of the law in California was demonetized this week. YouTube is known for dismantling high-gun content channels, but Reno’s channel used very little guns. Most of its content revolves around California compliance. That was obviously too much for the YouTube censors.

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