Clarksburg West Virginia manslaughter suspect could see bond reinstated, but at $250,000 likely out of reach | WV News


Jeremy Earl Hood, who was in custody, practically showed up for Friday’s hearing.

That was a small win for defense attorney Dean Morgan and client Jeremy Earl Hood. That’s because Harrison County doesn’t currently have bail bond companies and Hood or someone else would have to raise the full quarter of a million dollars in cash to otherwise deposit bail.

Dean Morgan

Morgan attorney

Morgan had applied for a loan less than $ 250,000. Assistant Attorney General Laura Pickens declined to reinstate the bond but requested the $ 250,000 bond as an alternative.

Laura Pickens

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Pickens

If Hood is able to post bail, he must be held pending prosecution, Matish ruled.

Hood, 36, from Clarksburg, was charged with voluntary manslaughter last September and is awaiting trial before Matish.

Judge James A. Matish

Harrison Circuit judge James A. Matish studies the court record as he is considering bail for Jeremy Earl Hood.

Hood is accused on December 9, 2017 of beating the death of Joseph Bennie Rexrode, 34, from Salem.

Rexrode died on December 9, 2017, a few days after he was hit, Harrison prosecutor Rachel Romano has alleged. Clarksburg Police Detective Sgt. Mike Walsh led the investigation.

Hood is also awaiting trial before Harrison Chief Judge Thomas A. Bedell on a separate crime charge.

Last September 21, Hood was found with a 9mm magazine loaded on a chair in the living room and a Glock 48 semi-automatic pistol under the mattress in his bedroom, according to Clarksburg Police Sgt. Ethan Walker.

According to Walker, Hood is banned from owning firearms as he was convicted of a domestic battery felony third offense on September 19, 2018.

Pickens said Hood also has another previous offense called the Third Domestic Battery Conviction.

Hood will be tried for manslaughter in late June. The deputy prosecutor Gina Snuffer also represents the state.

– A 59-year-old man from Clarksburg was accused of threatening another man with a loaded shotgun and then shooting out the rear tire of the other man’s vehicle following an alleged traffic incident.

James Olen Murphy has been charged by Clarksburg Pfc on willful endangerment of the crime. Brett Levine.

The traffic incident is said to have occurred on Wednesday at 10:20 a.m. when the two drivers pulled their vehicles into the downtown GoMart parking lot, Levine claims.

The men got out of their vehicles and Murphy got a shotgun from his back driver’s seat, Levine claims.

The two quarreled while Levine said Murphy held the shotgun. Murphy then said he would go back for ammo and did it by loading the gun, Levine claimed.

“Murphy then points the gun at Bennett and tells Bennett he would kill him,” claimed Levine. “Murphy then shoots Bennett’s vehicle, hitting the left rear tire and deflating it. Murphy then fled the area …”

Levine and Assistant Manager Randy Hartley found Murphy in a parking lot off 688 S. Chestnut St., Clarksburg, according to the complaint.

“Murphy refused several verbal commands from me and then actively resisted arrest,” claimed Levine. “I was able to arrest Murphy with the assistance of several other officers. These facts are based on videos, testimony, testimony of the defendant, and testimony of the victim.”

– Robert Edward Eugene Stout Jr., 29, of Clarksburg, was charged with child molestation with injuries by T. Merritt, the Clarksburg patrolman.

On April 9, Stout reportedly punched a 6-year-old girl in the face, according to Merritt.

Merritt, who began the investigation on April 12, said the child had “one large bruise on the left cheek, three bruises along the left jaw line, one bruise on the left temple, one bruise on the left eye and a small bruise near the corner of the page. ” her mouth and a thin bruise over the bridge of her nose. “

Stout said he was playing with the kid and some other kids when he accidentally slapped the girl in the face.

Harrison Magistrate Frank DeMarco has indicted Stout.

– Jeremy Wade Broadwater, 42, of Bridgeport, has been charged with negligence by Robert Gregor, the Bridgeport patrolman.

On April 12, Broadwater left his 9-year-old son unattended in their apartment, Gregor claimed.

– Nickole Hope Riley, 41, of Clarksburg, was charged with grand theft by Anmoore Police Chief Don Quinn.

On Thursday, Riley broke into a slot machine at Casey’s restaurant in Anmoore and stole at least $ 2,325, according to Quinn. The slot machine was also damaged, the boss claimed.

According to Quinn, Riley has a gambling problem.

– Mathew Scott Shephard, 33, of Fairmont, was charged by Harrison Deputy Detective JL Cumberledge on two cases of fraud involving access devices.

Shephard illegally used an energy transportation fuel card twice in the past year in Harrison County, Cumberledge.

DeMarco has charged Shephard.

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