C’mon Down to Our Booth at the Cannabis Village at the Summer Arts and Music Festival Today

C’mon down…

As you probably know by now, Redheaded Blackbelt, the only news site with their own brand of cannabis will be in the Summer Arts and Music Festival’s Cannabis Village with our Adobe Farms Sherbet Frosting strain developed by Happy Dream Genetics today.

Summer Arts Booth [Photo by Lisa Music]

T-shirts and flowers…

But you might not know that we’ll have Redheaded Blackbelt t-shirts and tote bags as well as homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade bread.
Summer Arts Booth [Photo by Lisa Music]

We can’t sell you the wine but we thought you might want to see what my winemaker son is creating.

We’ll have t-shirts from Salmon Creek Legacy Farms at the event, too. We’re super proud of being part of a cooperative from one of the oldest cannabis watersheds in Humboldt County.

Summer Arts Booth [Photo by Lisa Music]

We wanted to show you what’s it’s like on our farm–from the fruit we grow and the wine and the sourdough bread to the bones of a bear and other animals that chose our land to take their last rest.

Summer Arts Booth [Photo by Lisa Music]

One corner of our booth.

Can’t come down? Check out our Sherbet Frosting at HPRC, Herb and Market, and The Humboldt County Collective.

Or tell your dispensary that Redwood Roots, a Humboldt County distributor, is offering our product to other dispensaries so they can carry it, too.

But if you can come down, the Summer Arts and Music Festival is amazing! We’ll offer you some homemade bread and a cookie from our kitchen and a bud from our farm. And Lisa Music and I will be there to talk news!

Summer Arts Booth [Photo by Lisa Music]


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