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I’ve always enjoyed Thanksgiving, but often I get distracted from its intended purpose. I confess that between football, conversations and delicious meals I often forget how grateful I have to be. Let us remember once more the story of human suffering associated with pilgrims. The new colony was reported to have thanked God for his blessings and protection, as William Bradford is quoted as saying, “When they were so in a good harbor and safely brought ashore, they fell on their knees and blessed him God of Heaven who had brought her across the vast and furious ocean and freed her from all her dangers and misery in order to put her feet back on the solid and stable earth, her own element. So from small beginnings larger things have been brought about by His hand, which made everything out of nothing and gives His being to everything that is; and as one little candle can light a thousand, so the light here lit has shone to many, yes, in a certain way, to our whole nation; Let the glorious name of God have all praise. ”Obviously the Plymouth Colony pilgrims worshiped and honored God for all they had, but today the meaning of Thanksgiving rests amid an endless avalanche of media hype, sales ads, marketing gimmicks, and aggressive commerce almost lost.

Like pilgrims, this week we thank the Lord for His blessings. I know from my own life that I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow in my relationship with the Lord and to help others. I understand that there are difficult times and difficult situations, but all in all, we are fortunate enough to receive God’s love and know that He longs for us to surround us in his peace. A few years ago I published a book called “A Lifestyle of Worship” which is about developing awareness of God’s presence so that we can better understand who He is. Thanksgiving is more than a day off, a festive ritual or a Black Friday sale. It is wonderful to have a roof over your head, good health, and a long list of divine benefits, but I am especially grateful for his infinite love and mercy. We can train our minds to wake up each morning and meditate on His grace as we ask Him to help us with our daily walking. It takes persistence and serious determination to constantly focus on how worthy he is of our gratitude and praise. “O glorify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together” Psalm 34: 3.

So we understand that the real reason for the holidays is to express our love for God not just for what He can do, but for who He is. A log is engraved over my home fireplace at Matthew 22: 37-38, and I regularly ask the Lord to show me the depths of this spiritual truth. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. ”Every word that has ever been spoken can only scratch the surface of God’s endless generosity and glorious majesty. Brother Lawrence, whose work “The Practice of God’s Presence” from the 17th century. It is my prayer today that I never take God’s grace for granted or become spoiled with His blessings or selfish, but rather demonstrate His endless love, generosity and compassion towards others.

When obedience and appreciation become a way of life, we will give up our will and focus more on its. “Heavenly Father, we thank you for this harvest time, a time to remember your kindness to us. We thank you for safety, protection, our health and our daily care. We value the relationship we have with you and the love we share with our family and friends. Thank you for healing us through our trials and tribulations over the past year, we love you, amen. “

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