Cops work on tracking down witnesses

Crime scene in Vic’s Bar

(CNS): The RCIPS has said that “very few parties have voluntarily provided information on the two recent murders in George Town, in which two men were killed and eight others were injured by gun violence. But the police are doing the job of tracking down those who were present at the two crime scenes. So far, eight arrests have been made in connection with the various shootings over the past few weeks and one man remains in custody. However, no one was charged.

“Witnesses are being found, but it’s a long, exhausting exercise,” an RCIPS spokesman told CNS on Tuesday. “The investigation needs witnesses to move forward and bring justice to the victims and the community.”

While police are working to find people who may have seen something that could help them find the killers, investigators said they understood the link between the shootings since early June and the causes of this serious surge in violence keep open .

“Investigators have been open to the investigation, but there is no evidence to suggest a connection with the June 5 incident,” police said, referring to the shooting at the Jungle Bar on West Bay Road and the first in this latest series of gun crimes.

“While it appears that the incidents may have involved individuals linked to gangs in the Cayman Islands, the RCIPS cannot conclusively state that the shootings were due to gang activity and complaints. There seem to be various vendettas and disputes between the rival parties. “

The police also told CNS that at this stage of the investigation they are unable to provide any information on suspects’ descriptions.

Speaking to Compass last week, Assistant Superintendent Kurt Walton hinted that there was only one shooter in the shooting last Thursday at Vic’s Bar when he said the indiscriminate shootings began outside before the shooter aimed at his targets Followed the bar and continued shooting. He said it wasn’t an accidental attack as the video surveillance inside shows that the gunman continued to fire at his targets lying on the bar floor.

Anyone who has information or was present at the filming locations is urged to call

Anonymous tips can be sent directly to the RCIPS via the Confidential Tip Line under Line 949-7777
or about the RCIPS website.

Tips can also be posted anonymously online via the Cayman Crimestoppers from Miami.

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