Council approves $182,000 for new pistols for KPD | Local News

Killeen City Council at the City Council meeting Tuesday approved the purchase of new department-issued handguns for the Killeen Police Department.

Approval through a 6: 1 vote will replace all Sig Sauer P320 pistols currently used by the department with Glock pistols.

KPD applied for just over $ 158,000, citing safety issues with the Sig Sauer, which has been the department’s preferred service pistol since 2016.

Police Chief Charles Kimble told the council at last week’s meeting that an officer was injured when the gun was accidentally dropped after an accidental discharge last year.

During an investigation into the incident, the KPD found numerous reports across the country of accidental discharges from Sig Sauer pistols. The department also sent the gun to Sig Sauer for investigation in hopes of finding a reason for the accidental release. The weapons manufacturer could not explain the misfire and prompted the KPD to look for a new sidearm for its officers.

“I have lost confidence in this weapon, our officers have lost confidence in this weapon, and that sparked the change,” Chief Kimble said after the meeting on Tuesday.

That loss of confidence was one of the main reasons Councilor Rick Williams voted yes on Tuesday.

“You have to believe in the device,” said Williams on Tuesday evening. “We want to offer our officers the same level of trust.”

Councilor Mellisa Brown was the only vote against the measure, saying her investigations showed the Glock to discharge much more than the Sig.

“If we take care of the security of the officers, based on the research I have carried out, I believe that the Sig is safer.”

With council approval, the division can purchase 270 Glock 45 pistols and add another 25 Glock 48 and Glock 19T pistols each.

The purchase also includes new holsters, training models and additional magazines. The new equipment cost just under $ 274,000, but the city is getting a $ 115,000 loan to drop off the Sig Sauer pistols.

Councilor Shirley Fleming added an amendment to the resolution recognizing the need for overtime to train officers on the new weapon.

Kimble said the training would cost an additional $ 23,100 in overtime.

The approved resolution was $ 182,642 and the order will be submitted immediately.

Kimble said he expected the new pistols to be shipped this summer and fully implemented in the department by the end of this year or early 2022.

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