Court moved to suspend the gun-waving couple’s licenses

NS. Louis (AP) – Missouri officials are alleged to suspend legal licenses for a St. Louis couple who gained public attention last year when they threatened racially unfair protesters outside their homes with a gun.

Missouri’s Chief Disciplinary Attorney Alan Pratzell quoted Mark and Patricia McCroskey’s plea for misdemeanor from their June 2020 encounter.

Pratzell’s office is responsible for investigating ethical complaints against lawyers based in Missouri.

KCUR-FM reported on his submission to the court. Missouri Governor Mike Parson pardoned the couple on July 30th.

Pratzell’s records state that the amnesty obliterates a person’s condemnation, but “the person’s sin remains.”

Last October, the couple were charged with dropping their guns while racially unjustified protesters marched in the driveway.

In the now infamous photo, Mark McCloskey showed up from home with an AR-15 rifle and Patricia McCloskey brandished a semi-automatic pistol.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson forgiveness August couple.

The court asked for the suspension of legal licenses for couples waving guns

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