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They mixed vehicles, and Danaesha Martin and Dequndes Glasper took the jeep to pick up Shavondes Martin from a house near Byron Avenue and Hale Streets.

After Glasper picked up Shavondes Martin, he asked to be dropped off on Hammond Avenue and, according to their report, when they arrived they were met by a rented Mitsubishi with Birden, Coffer and an unidentified third man.

Coffer came to Shavonde Martin’s window with a gun. Danaesha Martin was brought up for rental. Birden, Glasper and the unknown man got into the jeep and drove off with Shavondes Martin.

Shavondes Shavez Martin

She said she would later hear Birden say Shavondes said, “You got me.”

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“They apparently tried to murder him,” said Danaesha.

Danaesha Martin said she and Coffer then drove around in the Mitsubishi.

About 15 minutes later, she said she heard a single shot in the distance.

State coroner Dennis Klein, who performed the autopsy, also commented on Monday.

He counted nine gunshot wounds on Shavonde Martin’s body – two on the head and neck, three on the legs, and four on the back and torso.

“There were multiple gunshot wounds on different parts of the body,” said Klein.

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