Covert carrier selling Playstation is shot in the leg after being pulled from the drop

Drawing from the drop or drawing your own weapon with a weapon already drawn is usually a bad idea. No matter how fast a pull is, pulling the trigger will always be faster. And that seems to have happened in this incident.

A man with one Ohio undercover pistol license a Playstation 5 listed for sale on the Facebook marketplace. He was contacted by a man with a false name, and the two of them agreed to meet to conduct the sale.

When they met, two men showed up to “buy” the Playstation 5. Then one of the men drew a gun and tried to steal the Playstation 5. The salesman had another idea and drew his concealed carry pistol. Unfortunately, he was shot in the leg by the armed robber.

The couple fled the scene, but were last arrested and charged with grievous robbery and aggravated assault.

Again, this is just a great example of why drawing from a drop is rarely a good idea. You also need to be very careful when selling things to strangers. I bet this salesman had some peace of mind having carried a concealed carry gun, but that didn’t stop him from getting shot and robbed in the end. The best option is not to put yourself in this situation in the first place.

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