Covid rising in just one part of Winchester district

CORONAVIRUS continues to cling to Winchester District.

Covid-19 has been virtually eliminated across the district. Today there is only one area with more than two cases in the seven days leading up to April 25th.

That’s Bishop’s Waltham and Waltham Chase, which had four cases in the seven days leading up to April 25, the last day for which localized statistics are available. The rate per 100,000 people is three times that of the entire district.

Today’s government map shows that only Bishop’s Waltham and Waltham Chase have more than two Covid cases in the seven days leading up to Sunday April 25

The 13 other areas of Winchester district have reported fewer than three cases in those seven days and are now highlighted in white on the government map.

These areas are: Winchester North and Sparsholt; Winchester East; Winchester West, Winchester Central / South; Stanmore; Oliver’s Battery and Hursley; Springvale and Itchen Abbas; Alresford; South Wonston, Sutton Scotney and Micheldever; Colden Common and Twyford; Swanmore, Hambledon, and West Meon; Denmead and Southwick; and Whiteley, Knowle and Wickham.

On Monday April 26th all areas had been marked in white and reported the numbers for Wednesday April 21st, but on Tuesday Bishop’s Waltham and Winchester Central and South slipped.

Only one school in Winchester District has been affected by Covid-19, and that has been Kings Secondary School as of Monday. Thornden in Chandlers Ford is also with only ten other schools across Hampshire. There is a case related to Winchester University.

No Covid-related deaths were reported in the Winchester district for the 59th day.

Since the first lockdown began last spring, 183 people have died within 28 days of testing positive. There haven’t been any new ones since March 3rd.

The latest available numbers for Winchester

The latest available numbers for Winchester

Across the Winchester district there were 16 cases in those seven days, two or 14 percent more than the previous week, a rolling number of 15.9 per 100,000 population. A week ago, the corresponding number was 14, six less than the previous seven days, 30 percent, with a rolling value of 15.8. Three weeks ago it was 13, 16 less than 10.4 per 100,000.

It shows how much the Winchester numbers have dropped over the past few months, but that the virus is refusing to go away completely.

The National Press Association’s news agency reported that up to April 25th the numbers show 52 out of 315 local governments in the UK with better records than Winchester, up from 27 on April 3rd.

The NHS in Hampshire did not report any deaths today.

The number of Covid deaths in the three hospitals of the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation’s NHS Trust (RHCH, Basingstoke and Andover) is 439, with no deaths for eight days.

As of Tuesday there were only four Covid patients at Basingstoke Hospital, one at Royal Hampshire County Hospital and none in Andover, four fewer than the previous week (12).

In all of Hampshire, excluding Southampton and Portsmouth, there were 220 cases of Covid in the seven days leading up to April 25, two more than the previous seven days, a rolling number per 100,000 of 15.9. See the map below.

Nationwide, around 60 percent had their first vaccine and around 25 percent the second.

The vaccination program across Hampshire continues. In the week ending April 26, 12,768 received at least one dose, up from 7,964 the week before. This means that 763,742 out of 750,974 received at least one dose.

The numbers for Hampshire

The numbers for Hampshire

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