Customizing & Creating the Right – Rail Estate

Dr. John Woods 11-19-20

Real estate like owned is an expensive commodity these days. Rail Estate can be an equally rare commodity, depending on how you want to adorn your modern sporting rifle or AR specimen. When you fully equip an AR sporting rifle, there are numerous difficult decisions to make in order to get a setup that exactly fits your intended mission.

I rarely see an AR with a simple Jane forearm again. At a recent gun show, we could have sold double the number of accessory rail systems for AR owners with guns that came with standard forearm covers without an attachment. Everyone wants to add accessories and the more the better. Rail occupancy or space to mount all of these accessories is a critical characteristic.

AR rifles can be supplied with options for rail vehicles in two ways. First of all, you can buy a factory-assembled rifle with various rail configurations already installed that allow the owner to add whatever accessories they want within the confines of the available rail spaces. Factory rifles can offer a range and different types of rails, both double-sided and four-sided. This would allow a number of ways to add accessories.

The second option is to purchase a simple AR model with no rail system installed. This allows the owner to purchase a wide variety of aftermarket products to set up the rifle exactly the way they want. This can be done by the owner or by a competent gunsmith. Fortunately, most of these accessories these days are designed for fairly easy installation by the gun owner. All that is needed are a few basic tools and maybe a few specialized gunsmith tools to make the job easier.

The main questions to ask yourself as an AR owner or buyer in order to build a rifle with a rail system are deciding which elements to add to the rifle’s rail. With these decisions you can then decide how much rail freight is required. If you only want a few items, a full size four-sided rail may not be required. Remember that the weight and maneuverability of the rifle play a role. You can add too much rail accessories.

AR rail accessories include, for example, a standard optical rifle scope, red dot, other electronic sight, iron sights, flashlight, laser, bipod, slings, and / or other elements. You seem to keep thinking up new things. One can quickly understand that the assembly of all these accessories would in extreme cases require a lot of rail material. Gun owners have to decide what is most important and what is not. Remember that railroad goods are a critical asset, but it is limited.

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