Dan Mullen called out on social media after Florida’s sluggish first half vs. Vanderbilt

Adam Spencer | 6 hours ago

Dan Mullen got a lot of heat from fans after losing last week in Kentucky. His game calls, time management, facial expressions and post-game comments were carefully examined during the game and immediately after the loss.

At the halfway point of this week’s game at The Swamp against a bad Vanderbilt team, Florida is in the lead. But that’s not enough to make Mullen popular with fans.

Yes, Florida has a 21-0 half-time advantage over Vanderbilt, but the fans are still not happy.

Below is how many people took to Twitter to question what Mullen did in the first half:

Dan Mullen before every game preparing to make garbage teams look like Alabama pic.twitter.com/toPXEQ9lwK

– The Clemson Goombah 🇮🇹🐅 (@UpstateGoombah) October 9, 2021

To be honest, I have questions about what happens to Dan Mullen and Co. in practice. Because it looks like I’m coaching this #Gators team

– Adam (Gator fan, abused by jaguars) (@MainManPlan) October 9, 2021

Can someone tell Dan Mullen that gootball is a line of scrimmage game? Gators won’t win the LOS against Vandy on either side… ..

– Rock (@ GatorKen81) October 9, 2021

Florida just isn’t that good, the defense is soft, the offensive play is soft, and the defense is SOFT again

It all falls on Dan Mullen’s recruiting for me

– Logan Goleno (@LoganGoleno) October 9, 2021

This team was painfully undisciplined, and that has a lot to do with Dan Mullen.

– Shawn Ferris (@RealShawnFerris) October 9, 2021

Why are Dan Mullen teams so undisciplined

– Pam (@ PRod85) October 9, 2021

I would fire Dan Mullen immediately after this game !!!

– Big Mike (@ TheJinx86) October 9, 2021

I’m not sure if Dan Mullen just doesn’t have the players he wants, if they’re not up to date with his system or what, but his team is on the UGLY offensive this year. No matter if AR15 or Emory

– Bmitch8 (@ Bmitch8) October 9, 2021

You can tell by the way we play that we kind of give up. Everything goes back to Dan Mullen and the coaches. I was his biggest fan but he has been seriously injured in the past 3 weeks. It’s just terrible coaching and I understand that we’re young and we’re getting better

– GatorBlake92 (@ badbird2019) October 9, 2021

Will the Gators start pouring in the second half? Fans will watch and wait to see if Florida looks like one of the better SEC teams again.

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