Data show decline in overall crime

The Boston Police Department released preliminary statistics this week indicating a significant decrease – 19 percent – in so-called “Part One” crime in the city of Boston this year compared to the same period in 2020. The decrease in crime categories includes three fewer homicides (by June 13) and an even larger decrease in robbery and serious assaults.

District B-3, which includes parts of Dorchester and Mattapan, saw a 35 percent decrease in the ten categories included in the tracking grid. District C-11, which encompasses much of Dorchester east of Washington Street, saw a 29 percent decrease but saw a slight increase in serious attacks from abroad, with six additional incidents occurring in ’21 compared to last year were reported. District B-2, which along with most of Roxbury comprises another significant part of Dorchester, is down 21 percent.

So far this year, city-wide shootings have decreased – both fatal and non-fatal. According to the BPD, 77 people have been hit by bullets in Boston so far this year, up from 95 in 2020. That represents a decrease of 18 points from year to year.


However, the pace of firearms arrests has increased from 213 last year to 271 in 2021. Case in point: On Saturday, June 12, Boston police arrested two men in a house on East Street, including one on charges of illegal arrest, gun possession. The other man was charged with attacking the C-11 sergeant, who reported seeing one of two men attempting to hide the weapon – a 9mm pistol.

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