Davidson’s newest exclusives – “SCCY Blue” pistols

SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-2 TTSB)DavidsonsDavidsons

Prescott, AZ – (AmmoLand.com) – Davidson’s now offers an exclusive line of SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistols.

The four new Davidson’s Exclusives are the SCCY CPX-1-CBSB and CPX-2-CBSB together with the two-tone stainless steel slide versions CPX-1-TTSB and CPX-2-TTSB.

“The SCCY Blue gun is the latest color option to hit the shelves at Davidson. This unique color option featured on the dependable, affordable SCCY pistol design will move us forward quickly, ”said Matt Nicholson, vice president of sales at Davidson’s.

SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-2 CBSB)SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-2 CBSB)

Founded in 2003, SCCY Industries makes high quality, affordable pistols that are stylish and easy to use. In the event that precision and quality are not enough, both SCCY and Davidson’s offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, providing additional protection for retailers and consumers.

SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-1 TTSB)SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-1 TTSB)

Both the CPX-2 and the CPX-1 Exclusives are compact hammer-fired pistols with a chamber of 9 mm. The clear SCCY Blue polymer frame of each pistol, paired with the aluminum alloy receiver, offers the shooter’s balance, durability, and affordability. All four Exclusives are double-action-only (DAO), come with three-point sights as standard, have a 9-pound trigger that is consistent from shot to shot, and are equipped with a special recoil-reducing back strap that makes the Handles.

SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-1 CBSB)SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistol (CPX-1 CBSB)

What is the difference between CPX-2 and CPX-1? The only big difference that distinguishes the CPX-1 from the pistol category CPX-2 is the manual safety device. Note: Since all guns in these categories are DAO, the fuse does not act as a decompressor.

Robust, reliable, powerful and precise – these fantastic new Davidson’s Exclusives are top performers for concealed carry at an affordable price.

Via Davidson and Gallery of Guns

Davidson’s (http://www11.davidsonsinc.com) was founded in 1932 and is one of the leading arms wholesalers in the country. In 2007, Davidson launched the Gallery of Guns website (www.galleryofguns.com) to help Davidson’s retailers sell Davidson’s inventory. Today it is one of the most successful consumer websites in the arms industry. Every firearm sold through Davidson’s is supported by the company’s GuaranteeD Lifetime Replacement Program.

For more information on how to become a Davidson dealer, call 1-800-367-4867.

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