Decatur defendant denies firing 10-13 rounds at man | Crime and Courts

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DECATUR – Nick A. Wilson denies charges of dragging within 10 feet of a Decatur man in a vehicle, pulling out a pistol and firing between 10 and 13 rounds at him.

The 37-year-old victim told police that a bullet grazed his arm but the rest missed. Some of them shot at a parked car nearby, leaving a damage bill estimated at more than $ 1,300.

Wilson, 27, appeared before Macon County Circuit Court Wednesday and pleaded guilty of complicating a gun discharge and battery with a gun. He also denied the charges of being a habitual armed criminal and causing criminal property damage.

The man accused her of stealing $ 200 from his truck, according to police.

Judge Rodney Forbes found a likely reason to try Wilson on all charges after hearing the evidence.

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Decatur police affidavits stated that the shooting took place on November 16 at 1:34 am on the 1100 block on East Buena Vista Avenue. The victim reportedly told police he had some sort of phone confrontation with Wilson just minutes before he saw Wilson roll up in front of his house in a white sport utility vehicle.

The affidavit stated that the victim had clearly seen Wilson aim a semi-automatic pistol at him and fire in his direction, missing any bullet except one that grazed him on one arm and “raised a frame” on his skin.

Defense attorney Bradford Rau interrogated officer Paul Vickers and found that police reports did not list the victim as actually injured by gunfire.

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