Delaware must change on weapons; medical marijuana supply must diversify

Delaware needs to change the culture of guns

Last weekend my family was out running errands and we had a troubling experience. Two men approached our vehicle, one was holding a shield and the other had a large assault rifle strapped to his chest over some sort of tactical vest. They walked straight towards our vehicle and the man with the gun was just inches from my 7-year-old daughter’s face when she was strapped into her child’s restraint.

My child should never have to endure an assault rifle held within inches of their face. I should never fear armed intimidation while running errands. But after the events of this weekend, I feel that the right to threaten and intimidate the public is more important than the safety concerns I have for my family. I acknowledge that the right to bear and openly carry arms is legal in Delaware. Armed extremists of any kind can have deadly consequences, as we have seen in other countries.

November 3rd is approaching and while I have traditionally not been an issue voter, that experience will have a profound impact on the boxes I tick in this voting booth. The presence of weapons was used solely for the purpose of intimidation, the installation of fear, and the demonstration of non-existent power. If you are as alarmed as I am, I hope you will vote with me on election day for candidates who will protect our communities from armed violence.

– Morgan Wiebke, Pike Creek, Moms Demand Action volunteer

Medical marijuana supplies need to be diversified

I’ve been a medical marijuana patient in Delaware for three years now. During these three years, the number of people approved for their cards has increased. As a result, however, there was no increase in product availability.

In fact, the opposite is true. Since I received my card, the number of Tribes has decreased exponentially and the availability of key Tribes for my condition has all but disappeared.

I applauded efforts to create a CBD-rich map for the public to use for help with anxiety and other conditions where CBD has been shown to be effective. However, this is also the strain that I must use for my conditions as well. Every pharmacy was unable to keep stocks of these specific products.

I have a full health card so I was considering trying THC-A products to see if they provide relief from the chronic pain I have been treating, but low and lo and behold, those products are also not available.

It is absolutely crazy to me that we are not addressing this issue as soon as possible considering how much the state is charging me for this card. I’m paying for this not to help the state coffers, but to relieve my chronic nerve pain. The state has to do better. Enable home growing, increase the number of growers in the state, or allow growers to have facilities large enough to keep up with demand. Or better yet, all three!

– Dustyn Thompson, Wilmington

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