Denver murder suspect released before capturing, source says

According to court records, Pamela Cabriales may have left the teen’s vehicle behind before she was shot.

DENVER – A 14-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing a woman while she was sitting in her car on Colfax Avenue near Interstate 25 earlier this year was released from juvenile detention three times prior to that shooting . Sources said 9Wants to Know.

“My sister was murdered because he was not imprisoned,” said Alex Cabriales.

His sister, 32-year-old Pamela Cabriales, was shot in the head in her SUV on February 20, according to Denver police. She left a young son.

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Two days later, police arrested 18-year-old Neshan Johnson and an unnamed 14-year-old. Both were charged with first degree murder, despite police saying the 14-year-old was the actual killer.

> The video above is from an earlier report from the time the suspects were charged.

According to court documents from 9 Wants to Know, Johnson told police he was driving with the 14-year-old in the passenger seat on Colfax Avenue near Interstate 25 “when another vehicle passed them”.

According to court documents, Johnson said the 14-year-old asked him, “Can I go for her?” To which he replied, “Do what you have to do, it’s up to you.”

Johnson told police that the 14-year-old then got out of the car with an “AR15” and fired 15 to 20 shots at the car behind them, “the documents said.

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Pamela Cabriales was hit in the head at least once.

“It was nasty what that kid did,” said Alex Cabriales. “He didn’t just shoot to shoot, he shot to kill.”

Sources told 9Wants to Know that a judge released the 14-year-old suspect three times between late last year and early this year. According to sources, he was released in Denver, Arapahoe Counties, and Jefferson Counties. The teenager was also charged with aggravated robbery in a juvenile court. The charges mean that police believed a weapon was used in the alleged crimes.

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“My sister’s life was taken because these judges let him out,” said Alex Cabriales. “I think you have blood on your hands.”

Since juvenile records are sealed, it is not clear how or why the 14-year-old was released these three times. A spokesman for the Colorado juvenile justice system declined to comment.

Scott Robinson, legal analyst at 9NEWS, said the three major robbery arrests should have raised some serious red flags in court.

“Typically armed robbery bonds are five- or six-digit bonds. Usually that’s enough to keep someone who poses a real threat to society off the streets until the trial,” Robinson said. “It looks like the criminal justice system failed the family on this occasion.”

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Denver prosecutors have announced they will charge the teenager as an adult.

Alex Cabriales said he was happy with this move and believed the teen should never be free.

“He is a threat to every society, every community he lives in for the rest of his life,” he said.

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