Deplatforming Continues – GoDaddy Boots

ARFCOM has failed. We got booted from GoDaddy and are looking for an alternative solution.

The page will return at

Standby for more information

– AR15.COM (@ AR15COM) January 11, 2021

The attack of power-drunk tech giants on issues, viewpoints and issues that are inconsistent with the currently approved bee penant orthodoxy continues. ARFCOM just posted this tweet announcing that GoDaddy booted them from their service. Because they can.

The site seems to be online for the time being. We spoke to Brownells, the owner of, for a comment but they are still looking into the situation and have no official comment yet.

Do tech companies believe that ghettoizing views and thoughts on the Internet will somehow produce the unity and brotherly love that the parched shell of Joe Biden repeatedly proclaims as its only goal? Do you think that increasing hostility and distrust will be lessened by further attempts to silence individuals and companies with opposing viewpoints? Are you even interested?

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