DeWalt 20V Max Power Cleaner DCPW550B

DeWalt has a handle for portable electricity cleaning

With ten times the performance of your garden hose and much more portability than your old pressure washer, the 20 V cordless mains cleaner DeWalt DCPW550B offers a really convenient solution for cleaning around the house or construction site.

DeWalt DCPW550B highlights

The DeWalt 20V Max Power Cleaner does not replace your pressure washer for serious stains and cleaning. But if you are looking for extreme portability, the DeWalt DCPW550B has enough power to handle basic cleaning tasks that your hose can’t handle on its own.

The DeWalt Power Cleaner is conveniently operated with 20 V battery power and is therefore extremely portable. What you may not notice right away is that you don’t even necessarily need a garden hose. If you find yourself in a location where getting running water could be an issue, DeWalt has an option for you. You can plug the supplied suction hose into any fresh water source. A 5 gallon bucket works just fine and will last long enough for minor cleaning jobs.

Of course, if you have a garden hose, so much the better. This cleaner has a quick connect adapter so no thread is required on the tool. A selection of quick connect nozzles is at the top so you can tailor the performance to suit your application.

DeWalt DCPW550P1 pressure washer kit

The DeWalt Power Cleaner can blow up to 550 psi at 1.0 gpm (gallons per minute) and up to 2.2 gallons per minute at 60 psi. You can choose between the two modes to prioritize cleaning performance or runtime.

Other properties

  • 550 MAX psi
  • Delivers 10 times the performance of a garden hose
  • Adaptability on the go to get water from any freshwater source
  • Quick connection adapter
  • Simply apply the detergent with the soap bottle provided
  • 2 speeds for higher cleaning performance and longer running time
  • Multiple quick connect nozzles and on-board memory for easy switching between applications


When purchasing the DeWalt Power Cleaner, you have several options. If you’re already sorted with 20V batteries, you can get the bare tool for $ 149. If you could use a different 5.0Ah battery and charger, the kit could be picked up for $ 199. The DeWalt 3-year warranty applies to both options.

DeWalt 20V Max Power Cleaner Technical Data

  • Model: DeWalt DCPW550
  • Flow rate: 2.2 GPM maximum at 60 PSI
  • Nozzles supplied: Turbo, 15º, 25º, 40º, soap bottle
  • Working pressure: max. 550 PSI
  • Hose length: 20 Ft.
  • Nozzle size: 1/4 inch. Quick connection
  • Weight: 5-1 / 2 lbs.
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Price: $ 199 (kit price); $ 149 (bare tools)

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