DeWalt Large Diameter Saw Blades

A dozen DeWalt large diameter circular saw blades hit the market during Q1 2022. These include both 10- and 12-inch blades, and they range from 24T framing saw configurations to 100T ultra-fine finish blades. These DWA series blades replace their predecessors and appear to no longer be made in the USA. They are, however, priced considerably lower across the board.

Upgraded DeWalt Large Diameter Saw Blades

These DeWalt large diameter saw blades each deliver up to 3X the life of the former models. Normally, we’d dismiss such claims, but DeWalt did a good job specifying their basic testing parameters. The 3x claims compared, for example, the DeWalt DWA11280 80T fine finish blade to the DeWalt DW3232PT blade. The test had them both ripping double-stacked 3/4″ x 48″ particle board. They also compared new comparable blades against the legacy 10-inch 60T DW3215PT and 40T DW7140PT as well as the 12-inch 32T DW3123. When comparing the more aggressive 12-inch DWA11240 40T blade, they got 2X the life.


All DeWalt large diameter circular saw blades feature carbide-tipped teeth in an ATB (alternating top bevel) configuration. They also have identical body slots to reduce vibration and noise while cutting. Lastly, DeWalt continues to use its ToughCoat anti-stick coating to reduce friction and gumming. As we’ve learned through extensive use, cleaning your circular saw blades results in better performance and less wear on your saws.

Designed for improved finish quality when cutting material like maple and other hardwoods, the blades are specifically designed by tooth count to increase performance and life.

Available sizes and configurations

Most of the new large diameter circular saw blades can be found now from DeWalt retailers. The 10-inch 24T DWA11024 hits shelves in April of 2022. They come in the following sizes and tooth configurations:

  • DWA11024 10″ 24T Framing Saw Blade
  • DWA11040 10″ 40T General Purpose Saw Blade
  • DWA11060 10″ 60T finish saw blade
  • DWA11080 10″ 80T Fine Finish Saw Blade
  • DWA11240 12″ 40T General Purpose Saw Blade
  • DWA11260 12″ 60T finish saw blade
  • DWA11280 12″ 80T Fine Finish Saw Blade
  • DWA112100 12″ 100T Ultra Finish Saw Blade
  • DWA110CMB 10″ 40T / 40T 2pk Saw Blades
  • DWA112CMB 12″ 40T / 40T 2pk Saw Blades
  • DWA1040CMB 10″ 40T / 60T 2pk Saw Blades
  • DWA1240CMB 12″ 40T / 60T 2pk Saw Blades

DeWalt 24T 10-inch Circular Saw BladesDeWalt Large Diameter Circular Saw BladesDeWalt 60T 10-inch Circular Saw BladeDeWalt Large Diameter Circular Saw BladeDeWalt 100T 12-inch Circular Saw Blades

For more information on DeWalt products and accessories, visit the DeWalt website.

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