Did Jeopardy Just Get a Question on Guns Absolutely Flawed?

First, let me say that I love Alex Trebek and rely on his successful recovery from cancer. However, I believe that when the game show was broadcast on Thursday night, they asked a very wrong question.

“Weapon Types” was the category and it seemed like the one that everyone shuns.

“I’ll take gun types for $ 800,” said Scott, the returning champion, and Alex provided the answer.

“BOLT ACTION; AR, also called MODERN SPORTING …” and Scott hummed in.

“Scott,” said Alex. The candidate replied, “What is an assault rifle?” And Alex responded with an order: “Yes!”

The problem is that this answer is absolutely wrong.

BOLT ACTION; AR or simply AR does not stand for assault rifle and modern sport rifles are also NOT assault rifles. So the answer is doubly wrong because Alex is talking about two different weapon terms. This can only be correct with TWO answers and, to be honest, TWO questions.

Answer one relates to the AR part, which would definitely be ArmaLite Rifle. ArmaLite Rifle was the original manufacturer of the AR-15, which was developed in the late 1950s. AR definitely stands for ArmaLite.

The second part relates to modern sport or modern sport rifles, which refers to semi-automatic rifles including the AR-15. A semi-automatic rifle is neither an assault rifle nor an automatic rifle, and neither is the AR-15. As you can see, this combination of hazard, answer and question was completely flawed.

So you think I’m overreacting? I hope not! This world is upside down!

At a time when nothing seems right, it is absolutely scary not to be able to rely on Jeopardy to be correct when we watch religiously every night during a pandemic. If we can’t rely on Jeopardy, who can we count on? Tongue in cheek, I feel that Jeopardy has put us all in double danger by torturing classic American terminology.

Or maybe it’s just a much-needed distraction.

Alex, I’m going to take much-needed distractions a thousand times.

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