Dig Dig Dig! The Best Camp Shovels for Your next Camping trip

Luke bowl 10.20.21

The ubiquitous camper shovel (or e-tool / entrenchment tool) is something every camper should have as part of their standard camping tool kit. For those who didn’t know, a camping shovel or e-tool is a miniaturized and usually foldable shovel that can be stowed away and taken with you for a variety of digging jobs. Typically these include tasks like clearing loose rock or debris, tidying up or making fire pits, clearing snow, and of course digging cat holes when you have to go about your business in the wild. In general, good camping shovels must have all three main characteristics: portability, good handles, and of course a serrated blade for cutting through a variety of substrates and dirt. Today we’re focusing on 5 of the best e-tools I’ve come across, including a suggestion from OutdoorHub editor Rusty.

Excavation excavation! The best storage shovels for your next camping trip

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3. Gerber Gorge Bucket


Gerber Gorge folding shovel

Equipped with both a telescopic and a folding handle / spade, the Gerber Gorge folding shovel is lightweight and has a strong fiberglass handle that is not too thin so you can grip it better as you walk through hard rock and ground. What is unique about the Gerber Gorge is that it has a quick push-button slide mechanism to extend the fiberglass-filled nylon handle for quick deployment. Gerber is one of those companies that not only specializes in manufacturing high quality outdoor gear, but also manages to offer its equipment at very competitive prices.

advantages/Affordable and has a unique handle design

disadvantage/Twist-lock mechanism / No spikes on the spade

Bottom line/Another great budget option from a reliable company with a proven track record of quality equipment.

4. The United Cutlery Command Shovel (M48)


The United Cutlery Command Shovel (M48)

If you want simplicity this is it. The United Cutlery Commando Shovel (also known as the M48 shovel) is an absolutely simple stainless steel cutting tool that is also durable. The stainless steel blade is paired with an injection molded, fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, and this winning combination costs less than a pound (actually less than half a pound). For those who are extremely weight conscious, this would be a top consideration. Finally, the M48 has a serrated blade on one edge and a smooth blade on the opposite side, making it both a defensive tool and a camping tool.

advantages/Lightest in its class, durable and simple

disadvantage/Cannot be folded into a more compact shape

Bottom line/A simple option with a lot of features

5. Zune LoToo Tactical Shovel


Zune LoToo Tactical Shovel

This one is for the tactical gear junkies out there. This opinion is more of a multitool than just a dedicated bearing shovel or bulking tool. In addition to having a sturdy aluminum body, the Zune LoToo Tactical Shovel also features several additional pipe extensions, a bottle opener, fire starter, survival whistle, wire saw, and rope. The shovel also has a 7-way adjustable head (from 0 ° to 150 °). The shovel comes with its own dedicated backpack that not only can hold the shovel in an assembled configuration, but can also store all of the extensions and tools.

advantages/Ultra feature rich with durable construction

disadvantage/Heavy and expensive

Bottom line/Great if you have the money and want the “ultimate survivable shovel”

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