Dorchester man faces various drug, gun charges after arrest in Randolph and searches in Dorchester and Quincy

Boston Police report that a man under investigation by the FBI for cocaine trafficking is now on federal drug and drug and gun charges after his arrest in Randolph Friday afternoon and a search of his Dorchester apartment and locker in Quincy .

According to police, officers from the Boston Drugs Department teamed up with FBI agents and the Randolph Police to arrest 38-year-old Omari Peterson at the Comfort Inn on Rte. 28, even when federal agents monitored him as part of an “ongoing collaborative drug investigation”. Boston police say officers found two bags of cocaine on Peterson.

According to police, a search of Peterson’s home at 106 Brunswick Street in Dorchester revealed “a loaded .45 Sig Sauer P220 pistol, a loaded Ruger LCP .380 pistol, and a loaded Smith & Wesson revolver .357 as well as several additional cartridges of ammunition of various calibers and an additional plastic bag with cocaine. “

On Saturday, the Boston and Quincy Police and the FBI opened a storage container at 671 Washington St. in Quincy with a search warrant, where they “found another six loaded handguns” (Smith & Wesson M&P, Beretta 96, Glock 17), Glock 30, Ruger SR40, Ruger SP101), a large amount of ammunition of various calibers, several large capacity feeding devices including one that can hold 30 rounds, a lot of different prescription pills, 92 strips of suboxon, about $ 10,000 in US Currency with personal papers on behalf of the suspect. “

Police say five of the guns were stolen in New Hampshire. In addition to his apartment in Dorchester, Peterson also had a residence in Manchester.

Peterson was charged Friday in Boston District Court with federal possession of crack and cocaine with the intent to distribute it. Boston Police say he faces illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition (multiple charges), five charges of obtaining stolen property and distributing Class D drugs in Massachusetts as well.

According to an FBI agent affidavit on the case, officials began monitoring Peterson as a suspected drug dealer in January and hired a “cooperating witness” with his own criminal history to try to buy some drugs from Peterson.

The cooperating witness met with Peterson in an unspecified “public place” in Boston on February 18 and, according to an affidavit, handed over $ 800 in FBI-provided cash in exchange for half an ounce of crack.

Innocent, etc.

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