Drug charges added for Waterloo man after gun charges dismissed | Crime and Courts

WATERLOO – A Waterloo man was arrested on an investigation into ecstasy and synthetic marijuana after federal authorities dropped the gun violence charges.

Darrell Ray Redding Jr., 28, was arrested Tuesday for possession of ecstasy and K2 for the purpose of delivering and violating the Drug Tax Stamp Act. The bond was originally set at $ 125,000.

In court records, authorities claim that Redding and someone else bought the drugs and resold them in the Waterloo area between March and May.

Redding was involved in a police chase in May that reported a gun being thrown from the fleeing vehicle. The driver escaped and a few days later officers drove through Redding and found K2 and cash in his vehicle. They also searched his home and found K2 and a gun.

Police also found K2 and Waagen when they arrested Redding in December on a federal arrest warrant.

The federal warrant came from a July traffic obstruction in Cedar Falls where police found a 9mm SCCY pistol. Redding was accused of illegally possessing the gun, but the case was dropped Tuesday after an officer ruled by a judge was unable to reasonably stop the vehicle Redding was driving.

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