EGO Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Self-propelled lawnmower from EGO Peak Power outperforms gas engines

As battery-powered lawnmowers gain traction in the lawn care sector, there are two main problems: performance and run time. The self-propelled lawnmower EGO 56V Peak Power tries to solve both problems. We wanted to find out if they succeeded.


  • Self-propelled drive with adjustable speed
  • Mows with the batteries up to a 3/4 acre charge
  • Excellent cutting power in the worst conditions
  • Only 81 decibels without load


  • Expensive at $ 749 (two 56V 5.0Ah batteries included)

EGO 56V top performance self-propelled lawn mower

Cutting force

We ran a torture test on our top contenders to see how they would deal with the insanity. During the hot and rainy summer in Florida, we let our lawn grow for a few weeks. Then we set our mowers to 2.5 inches of cutting heights and our walking speeds to 2.5 mph and let the mowers run until the blades stopped.

The EGO 56V Peak Power self-propelled lawn mower made 60.5 feet, which was by far the best performance among the cordless models. In fact, it has beaten all of our gas models except Honda’s top-notch commercial beast. It even outperforms mowers powered by Honda GCV engines.

What does it all mean? The 8.5 ft-lbs of torque from EGO outperforms any other battery-powered mower we’ve tested. While we answered the performance concerns, this test just wasn’t tough enough to show how hard EGO can work when the weed gets tough.

If only we had a lawn farm …

So we were invited to a sod farm

After our original tests were published, we received an invitation to visit Gulf Kist Sod in Vero Beach, FL to bring out this mower and others for some follow-up testing. We moved into thick, dense floratam (a St. Augustine variety) from our year.

Here EGO was able to show what kind of electricity it can generate. If you cut Floratam shorter it will become stiffer, denser, and generally more difficult to cut. The Peak Power mower could effectively cut down to 1 1/2 inches. The second generation self-propelled EGO made it to 1-3 / 4 ″, as did Cobalt’s 80V with a couple of stands. While all three are impressive, the Peak Power was way more powerful than the others.

EGO 56V top performance self-propelled lawnmower running time and cutting area

Battery power is a great option, but you’ll hate the day you decided on gasoline when you can’t cut your lawn on one charge. Even if your charger and battery are working fast, charging an empty battery halfway through the mowing process can affect your workflow. For this reason, when purchasing a mower, it is important to know what to expect in terms of actual cut area per load.

Self-propelled lawn mower EGO 56V Peak Power

With its 21-inch cutting deck and two 5.0Ah dual batteries, the EGO Peak Power mower can handle up to 35,640 square feet, or just over 3/4 acres, on one charge. In our tests, it ran on just one battery for 48 minutes while we used it for a maintenance cut and you have two in the kit. Upgrading to a pair of 7.5 Ah batteries can cover more than 1 1/2 acres!

On a moderate cut in Floratam, the dual battery mower still ran for over an hour (70 minutes) and cut better than half an acre.

Only the much more expensive Greeworks Commercial model was able to squeeze out more cutting surface than EGO for light and medium-weight cuts. The higher watt-hour capacity with 2 batteries and a 23-3 / 4-inch cutting swath make the difference.

However, when we turned to heavy cutting in Floratam, the EGO power took over and cut for 50 minutes, in the worst case cutting a little more than 1/3 of an acre. No other battery mower could keep up with EGO with this cutting level.

Noise level

One of the advantages of cordless operation is the noise – battery motors are much quieter than gas motors. But how softly do we talk here? The EGO 56V Peak Power self-propelled lawnmower is 81 dB (A).

To put this in perspective: 81 decibels correspond to waste disposal. Gas powered mowers typically have an output of around 96 dB (A), although our mowers measured 86 to 94 when idling.

Compared to the other battery-powered options, the EGO’s top performance is on the same level. Almost every cordless mower we tested was in the 78 to 82 dB (A) range, with some outliers at 85 and 88 decibels.

EGO 56V top performance self-propelled lawn mower

Self-propelled speed with adjustable speed

The self-propelled drive control from EGO looks a bit unorthodox with its small intervention handle, but is quite comfortable to use. You can easily adjust your walking speed using the throttle on the left side of the handle. The speed ranges from “crawling along” to “I have to jog to keep up” so you will likely find a comfortable speed somewhere there.

Self-propelled lawnmower controls with EGO 56V peak performance

Height adjustment and reach

As with most cordless lawnmowers, EGO lets you adjust your cutting height between 1.5 and 4.25 inches by adjusting a lever in 6 positions. Instead of having to go to every single wheel to adjust the height, adjust all 4 at once.

EGO 56V top performance self-propelled lawn mower deck height adjustment

We have tested many mowers with this feature, but more than some of them felt a bit weak at the adjustment points on the wheels. The EGO 56V Peak Power self-propelled lawnmower felt pretty stiff and sturdy, although a steel deck could possibly improve it a bit.

Easy grip adjustments

Many of the mowers we tested have 3 handle positions, just like this EGO. However, not many of them were as convenient and easy to adjust as the EGO quick-release lever. It’s really as simple as squeezing the lever and moving the handle into position. You can also fold it over and store it upright in your garage or shop.

Adjusting to your height is also easy. The telescopic handle has 3 positions and can be adjusted by simply pulling out the tabs, sliding the handle to the desired length and locking the tabs back into place.

Additional functions

  • Headlights
  • Battery charge indicator on board
  • 10 “rear wheel
  • 3-in-1: mulch, bag or side discharge

EGO 56V Peak Performance Self Propelled Lawn Mower Price

The EGO Peak Power self-propelled lawn mower is available either online or from your local Lowe. Equipped with two 5.0 Ah batteries and a quick charger, it costs $ 749. Granted, this is a high-end model for household mowers, but this mower is the top model for EGO self-propelled mowers. It also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

You should also consider the depth of EGO’s 56V line. It contains:

The point here is that if you’ve ever had any doubts about finding more uses for the EGO 56V battery platform, then you should put this to rest. EGO has a full suite of OPE tools that run on the platform and the two batteries that come with this kit can easily find other uses with other tools in the range.

The bottom line

When your lawn care needs to cut longer or thicker grass than typical battery-operated mowers can, the self-propelled Peak Power model from EGO is the way to go. It outperformed most of our gas mowers in the worst of conditions and still had the run time to cut 1/4 acre lot and much more when conditions are better. At this point in time, EGO’s biggest competition is even with the Select Cut XP.

Technical data of the self-propelled lawn mower EGO 56V Peak Power

  • Model Number: EGO LM2142SP
  • Cutting width: 21 ″
  • Wheel sizes: 7 “(front); 10” (rear)
  • Volt: 56V
  • Number of batteries required: 2
  • Cutting Height Options: 6 Positions; 1.5 “- 4” range
  • Cutting options: mulch, bag, side discharge
  • Cover material: plastic
  • Drive type: rear wheel
  • Handlebar positions: 6
  • Guarantee: limited to 5 years
  • Price: $ 749

Further information on the self-propelled lawn mower EGO Peak Power can be found at

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