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Dragon Ball FighterZ gives Dragon Ball GT much more credit with the latest take on Super Baby 2, a form of Vegeta but possessed by Baby, a tuffle parasite. The Tuffles want revenge on the Saiyans for wiping out their race, and with the power that Super Baby 2 wields, this could be possible.

Super Baby 2 mainly plays as a zoner, with a variety of projectiles that are guaranteed to block and knock away the enemy. Baby has a whopping seven projectile movements, most of which come back when smelling the enemy, and keep enemies on their toes even when the projectile flies off-screen. However, these ki-blasts do not return when baby is hit or forced to block. Baby also has the unique “Parasite Takeover” ability, which allows him to summon any knocked out opponent as an assist.

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Notable normals

Baby has a lot of movement to watch out for, so let’s start with his normals. One such normal is its 1/2/3 S, which is an explosion of Ki rays into the air. After a second, the ki bubbles will rain down on one spot, depending on which button was pressed. This move is versatile in that it can be used as a combo pen, room control and, to some extent, as an okizeme (attacking an opponent while on the ground).

Reverse Shot (6S) is a move baby will use a lot as it’s a big ki blast that keeps coming back. The explosion will come back on breathing, blocking, and even on a hit. This can lead to some pretty naughty corner combinations.

Finally, Machine Gun Rush (6H) is a unique move in that it is incredibly active. Baby starts (literally) throwing his hands and attacking the opponent with powerful puffs of air. Because the train is so long, players can swap out Baby and get a corner combination with the highlighted character.

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Special movements

“Revenge Driver” (236X) is a lariat-style attack in which Baby teleports briefly and hits the ground in front of him. During the short time that Baby teleports, he is completely invincible. Although it looks like an overhead attack, players can still block this attack low. Using the H version of this move will bounce the opponent back towards Baby, allowing for combo expansions.

“I’ll enjoy that” (214X) is very reminiscent of Vegito’s Atomic Buster. Baby jumps in the air, grabs the enemy and turns them around and around before knocking them to the ground. This move will switch to the side, so be careful before you decide to end combos with it. The H version is an AA defense from Frame 1 and does irreparable damage.

Since Baby has so many projectiles, players are guaranteed to start super dashing to try and get around the spam. Fortunately, Baby has an answer to that with “Dark Springshot” (214S). If done early enough, this move will beat all air movements and allow for combo expansion with a Vanish. The two ki shots thrown will also return on hit, block, or puff, just like with reverse shot.

Revenge Final Flash (236S) is a standard full-screen beam attack. Although it’s called Final Flash, the beam isn’t yellow, which is disappointing. This move is also feasible in the air, which can catch super-fast enemies.

“Parasite Takeover” is Baby’s last special move. As mentioned earlier, Baby steals the support of the last knocked out character on the other team. However, if everyone on the opposing team is still alive, Baby will not have access to that turn.

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At the start of the third season, each character could choose from a choice of three assists, similar to what happened in Marvel vs. Capcom. Like everyone else, Baby has three assists that complement many different teams.

Babys A-Assist is his 5S. Baby fires three ki shots that come back if they miss the enemy. It’s rather simple, but having multiple projectiles on the screen gives the opponent more food to think about.

The B Assist is Baby’s Revenge Driver, but he teleports to where the enemy is. It’s pretty slow, but if hit it will bring the opponent back to the ground where the player can continue the combo. This move is incredibly useful for corner combos as it allows for a freely grounded Dragon Rush.

Baby’s C-Assist is a standard beam-assist with follow-up. Like the B-Assistant, it’s a bit slow, but it’s worth it for a solid blasting assistant.

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“Full-Power Energy Wave” is baby’s only Level 1 Super. Baby tracks the enemy vertically and fires them with a beam that Final Flash looks awfully familiar. As Baby fires it from above, it flings the opponent down, allowing for easier pickup by additional grounded Supers.

Baby actually has two Level 3s, and each of them is useful in its own way. Baby’s first level 3 is his “Revenge Death Ball”. Basically, imagine Goku’s ghost bomb, but evil. Unlike Goku’s Spirit Ball, Baby throws its away immediately so you don’t have to spend extra time setting it up.

Baby’s last level 3 is the “great ape attack”. When hit, Baby transforms into the mighty Great Ape form and absolutely strikes the opponent into submission. If one of Baby’s teammates fails, the Super is upgraded to the Great Ape Galick Gun. This version does a little more damage and doesn’t even cost an extra meter. In addition, the super freezes life recovery through sparks! So it’s a great move to take down opponents.

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