Ex-Con Arrested In Tulsa Faces 11 Felonies

An ex-con man, wearing an ankle monitor and charged with strangulation, was arrested again, this time for 11 crimes.

According to Tulsa police, they saw a woman vomiting in a parked car on Tuesday afternoon. Police stopped to check on her, saw two children in the back seat and smelled marijuana. So they asked the driver, Byron Thomas, to get out. They said he refused.

Police said that when officers grabbed Thomas’ arm to get him out of the vehicle, he continued to reach under his seat. Police said they had to pull him out of the vehicle.

They said he kicked and resisted, and after he was handcuffed, officers found a loaded pistol under his seat. Police also found heroin, meth and ammunition, including an armored piercing rifle.

“In this situation, it turned out to be a high risk. He was an armed person who committed a crime. We didn’t know why he was reaching, but obviously he was doing something that was clearly seen as dangerous for the officers and they had to pull him out, ”said Captain Richard Meulenberg.

Police said Thomas also had an AR15 in his home that was loaded with armor piercings.

In addition to his pending 2020 charges, as of 2019 Thomas has pending charges in Tulsa County of possession of a gun as a former felon, obstruction of civil servants and drugs.

Police said he was also convicted of Kansas crimes. Thomas’s bond is now set at $ 150,000. However, the prosecution plans to request the revocation of the loan.

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