Failing left-wing opinion magazine ‘The Atlantic’: Gun ownership is a lie

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Imagine sinking from being a speechwriter for a Republican president to a throwaway gun control floor in a failing left-wing opinion magazine. How the mighty have fallen like never before Trumper David Frum.

Frum’s recent article in The Atlantic suggests that Americans can be persuaded to give up their guns by making them believe that guns really don’t protect them. Because – laugh out loud – weapons do not thwart over a million crimes every year and deter attacks even more.

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out last year, people all over the developed world rushed to buy toilet paper, bottled water, yeast for making bread, and other basic necessities. The Americans have also stocked up on weapons. They bought more than 23 million firearms in 2020, 65 percent more than in 2019. First-time gun purchases were remarkably high. The increase has not abated in 2021 either. Americans bought 4.3 million guns in January, a monthly record.

Last year was also a high tide point for gun violence – more people were shot than ever since the 1990s – although 2021 will get worse. There was a ray of hope in 2020. When the Americans self-isolated, mass shooters were denied their usual targets. But as America returned to normal, so did the mass shootings: 45 in the single month between March 16 and April 15.

Note that the BLM-fueled riots, defused police forces, zero-bail policies, and disinterested prosecutors deserve no mention in Frum’s thesis of the culprits of the guns (and the cave dwellers who own them).

With Frum’s polemics, The Atlantic reaffirms its growing reputation for fake news and junk “science” (“How Junk Food Can End Obesity”), which has resulted in a drastic loss of readers and advertisers. It’s so bad there that last year they laid off around 20% of their employees and cut executive salaries to stay solvent. Content like this won’t help the matter.

Frum throws all kinds of raisin-picked stats, some legitimate, some from junk science, and some utter junk. He calls gun owners “barbarians” and “racial warriors” in the same breath and then writes about the fact that women and people of color make up a growing proportion of gun owners.

The former Bush speechwriter, who prominently and proudly displays a healthy dose of urban elitism and condescension, claims gun owners are just stupid.

But like the people who reject life-saving vaccines for fear of very rare side effects, American gun buyers fall victim to poor risk assessment.

Keep telling yourself that, David.

At the end of his article, you might think that every woman in America is faced with a gun pointed at her by an angry spouse or friend on a weekly basis. These hundreds of thousands of defensive weapon deployments we’ve read about are just the result of trigger-happy gun owners unnecessarily escalating routine confrontations.

He calls it patriotic to get rid of your guns. “The gun is a lie,” Frum proclaims. They don’t protect you and only lead to more violence … all evidence to the contrary.

Gas lighting. It is real. This is how Psychology Today defines it:

Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know, often about themselves. They can end up questioning their memory, perception, and even sanity. Over time, a Gaslighter’s manipulations can become more complex and powerful, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to discern the truth.

And Psychology Today describes those who practice it:

Those who use this tactic often have personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and psychopathy. Manipulators tend to show one face to their prey and another to the rest of the world, leading victims to believe that if they ask for help or speak up, no one will believe they have been manipulated and emotionally abused. Gaslighters typically repeat the tactic across multiple relationships.

Read the subheading of Frum’s article for yourself and ask yourself if this is his share on The Atlantic:

The way to reduce gun violence is to convince ordinary, “responsible” handgun owners that their guns make them, their families and those around them less safe.

Is it any wonder The Atlantic is on the verge of bankruptcy?

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