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MARTINSBURG – After an additional investigation into a suspected accidental death in Kearneysville last month, police charged a local woman with the murder instead.

Rida Shahid Hendershot, 30, of Charles Town Road was arrested and charged with first degree murder in Berkeley County District Court Tuesday. She is now being detained in the Eastern Regional Jail without a bond.

Hendershot was originally charged with willful endangerment in a local court after alleging that the male victim was shot dead. The male victim was not named by the police at the time.

According to the files of the local court, the accusation of willful endangerment due to new charges was dismissed with “public prosecutor’s discretion”.

At around 5:45 p.m. on May 25, Berkeley County’s deputy, Wiedman, was brought to the scene of the crime at 3354 Charles Town Road on additional details, including that a woman who was later identified as Hendershot was alleged to have one Man who died.

“I was told that the woman admitted she had the gun when she went off and hit the victim in the cheek,” Weidman’s complaint said.

After reading her Miranda Rights, Hendershot alleged that she and the victim brought guns from the living room to his room, court records say. Hendershot allegedly went on to explain that both she and the victim were in the kitchen, claiming the man held the gun first and she held it “last, when it fired it was my fault”.

According to police, Hendershot said they didn’t know the gun was “cut off” and said, “I didn’t know he used it because it keeps emptying.”

Hendershot also claimed, “Yeah, it was quick,” and advised them not to expect, that they were just “moving (stuff),” according to the court records.

“After further discussions with Ms. Hendershot, when he handed her the gun, she said, ‘she held it up and she shot,'” the complaint read. “More advice, she’s usually good at shooting and she wasn’t sure what happened.

“MS. Hendershot couldn’t confirm whether or not her finger was on the trigger at all.”

The logistics of the 1911 handgun was further investigated and it was found that the firearm has several safety features that must be triggered and / or activated in order for the firearm to fire. The police found that this contradicted their accidental statements.

“A firearm safety mechanism shows that when the firearm was in Ms. Hendershot’s hand, it was positioned such that there was reason to believe that she intended to fire the weapon at the victim,” the updated complaint said .

After he was shot, the man allegedly ran outside when Hendershot said she noticed he was hit, court records say. He allegedly held his cheek and said, “Help me.”

Police said it concluded that the man was hit in the right side of the face area and the bullet flew at a downward angle and entered the victim’s left torso area.

In addition, during a forensic download from Hendershot’s cell phone, police said that she and the victim had an argument the day before on a social media messenger platform. In the conversation, the victim is said to have made a comment to Hendershot about moving out of the apartment.

According to the police, the firearm was found by the emergency services on the kitchen table, which did not contain a magazine. According to the police, the weapon is a 9 mm pistol.

Court records show that a preliminary hearing on the new indictment was not scheduled at this point.

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