Flood defence works completed in Winchester

It now protects Winchester city center with an uninterrupted 950 meter flood protection system from Wales Street to Gordon Road.

Off-site environmental work will also have a positive impact on biodiversity in Clausentum Fen in St. Cross and Nuns’ Stream in Abbotts Barton and Hyde, as well as providing floodplain sanctuaries for otters and voles in Winnall Moors.

The trigger for the work was a flood in 2014 that flooded almost a large part of the city center.

The program was jointly funded by Winchester City Council, with £ 800,000 coming from the developers’ municipal infrastructure levy and the Environmental Protection Agency, which provided £ 548,000.

Cllr Lynda Murphy, City Councilor’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change Emergencies, said, “The completion of the Durngate flood control system is a welcome relief for the city’s homes, businesses and historic buildings. This work provides flood protection for the heart of our city and complements the work already completed that will help defend the residents of Water Lane, St. Bedes School and the North Walls area.

“In a difficult time for everyone in view of the pandemic, it is a remarkable achievement to complete the project on time and on budget, and it is particularly welcome when we go into the wetter months of the year.”

David Martin, Hampshire Environment Agency Flood Risk Manager, said: “The Environment Agency has invested over £ 1.3 million since 2014 to reduce the risk of flooding in Winchester and we are very proud to be part of Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Having worked on the Council ensures the successful implementation of this project. The program is an important step in reducing the disruption and impact of floods on people and their property. ”

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