Foot chase ends with two arrested on weapons charges | News

NORTHWOOD – A routine speeding disruption resulted in a foot chase and the arrest of two men with loaded handguns, one of whom was a fugitive on a statewide warrant for attempted assault.

Northwood Police made the arrests with the assistance of Rossford and Toledo Police.

On January 7th, two handguns were recovered from a vehicle after a traffic obstruction when reportedly both driver Jarmaine Carter (24) from Toledo and co-driver Kenneth Brown (32) from Toledo fled the vehicle.

Carter was driving a silver Mercedes in 2005 when Northwood police tried to stop Oregon Road to go 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. The vehicle indicated that it would stop at the Day’s Inn. It drove by and reportedly stopped on Goodwin Avenue.

Before the vehicle stopped, Brown got out and ran east on Miami Street. He was arrested by Rossford police.

Carter also escaped from the vehicle and ran into the woods and was arrested by Rossford police. J & J Heating employees said Carter was hiding in a dumpster behind the building.

Two guns were found by Northwood police. The Walther PK380 was loaded into the magazine with .380 rounds of ammunition. A SCCY CPX-20 mm was also loaded. None of the weapons had cartridges in the chamber.

Brown has a pre-trial set for January 14th. He appeared on video for the indictment on Friday. He remains in Wood County Jail on bail of $ 51,000, excluding 10%.

He was a fugitive on a statewide warrant for attempted crime violating probation. He will remain in prison until extradition.

Brown was accused of having guns under a handicap (on a previous conviction of a crime), a third degree felony, and obstruction of business, a second degree offense.

Carter’s original Northwood indictment was voided on criminal weapons charges for trial in Perrysburg Municipal Court. He was also accused of speeding and working without a valid license.

He has a personal certificate of approval due to be tried in Perrysburg District Court on Jan. 21 for firearms in a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree crime.

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