Former Miami-Dade judge arrested after police say he pulled gun on neighbor

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A former Miami-Dade judge was arrested after police said he pulled a gun at a neighbor in Coral Gables.

Miguel Fernando Mirabel, 51, is now charged with aggravated assault with a gun.

Police said he pointed the gun at the apartment complex where he lived during an argument on Sunday.

According to the arrest form, the victim said he was at his home when he heard his cousin ask him to come outside. Then he said he went downstairs to let his cousin in. Then the man’s cousin told him that Mirabel would not let him into the building and said that he threatened him that he had a gun in his apartment and that he would fetch it.

At that moment the man said he could see Mirabel in the garage and walked up to him to speak. Mirabel drew a gun with her right hand, pointed it at him and, according to the victim, pulled the breech back twice with her left hand.


Maribel told the police that the man’s cousin had told him to open the gate and when he asked which apartment he was living in, the person gave him an apartment number that Maribel said did not exist.

He said the person then turned bellicose and started cursing him and that the person was somehow able to enter the gate. That person then started walking up to him and telling him that he would “fight him,” according to the former judge. Then he said he had drawn his pistol and put it behind his back. He said he told the person he was armed and the person resigned and left. He also told police that the gun was not loaded and that security was activated.

However, an emergency call revealed that the person Maribel allegedly pointed the gun at said, “Don’t go near me, go back and leave me alone.” The report says the victim told Mirabel the same thing four times. The 911 also said that the victim told the operator, “He has a bell,” “He’s in the garage,” and “He cocked it twice”. The victim’s statements to the police coincided with the emergency call.


The former judge resigned from the bank in April on allegations of misconduct.

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