Four Tioga County men charged after home invasion where they cut down a tree & later return stolen items

COVINGTON, PA (WETM) – Four Tioga County men face more than 30 charges each following a break-in on Ward Township’s Sunset Lane, allegedly causing major damage to the home, cutting a tree and stealing items from the residence to have .

According to court records, four men went into the house at around 1 a.m. on April 11, forced four victims onto the couch, and attacked one of them.

According to court records, the four intruders were identified as Justin D. Auwarter, 28, from Mansfield, Matthew A. Dillin, 28, from Mainesburg, 23-year-old Nicholas D. Wivell from Covington, and 21-year-old. Year old Logan Q. Adams from Covington.

According to the victims, the intruders broke into the apartment, drank beer and stole $ 245 from the victim’s wallets. Then they began to “tear down an inside wall, put a fire alarm on the wall, cut down a tree outside with a chainsaw and a single air conditioner.”

A chainsaw, two heavy duty chains, two chain ties, two rear view cameras, a checkbook, and a box of floor glue were stolen from the house. One of the men also took an AR15 from the bedroom and fired about 10 shots outside.

The men stayed about an hour or two during the incident.

According to state police, Adams and Dillin told a state trooper that even other men went home, pushed themselves in, stole items and damaged the residence.

Adams informed police that the stolen items were placed in his truck and that he and Dillin returned most of the stolen items the next morning.

Auwarter, Dillin, Adams and Wivell were charged by the Pennsylvania State Police on four robbery charges each. They ruthlessly endangered another person, wrongful imprisonment, theft by illegal taking, receipt of stolen property, and harassment. three cases of criminal mischief; two counts of simple attacks; and a count of burglary and criminal offenses.

Both Auwarter and Wivell were charged with a crime of robbery – commission / threat.

According to First News Now, Adams, Dillin and Wivell were each given $ 75,000 bail and were released. Auwarter is currently being held in Tioga County Jail after being unable to leave bail.

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