Frederick supervisors pass resolution in support of LaRock | Winchester Star

WINCHESTER – The Frederick County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday evening calling on Virginia House of Delegates Spokeswoman Eileen Filler-Corn to stop the 33rd Del. Dave LaRock, R-Hamilton, to be reassigned to the House Transportation Committee.

Last month, LaRock was stripped of his committee assignment for signing a letter urging former Vice President Mike Pence to nullify the Virginia-approved presidential election results. Two other delegates, Mark Cole and Ronnie Campbell, also signed the letter. Filler-Corn, a Democrat, then stripped all committee work.

The board’s decision to support LaRock is in conflict with the decisions of the Loudoun County Board of Directors and Leesburg City Council calling for it to resign to spread disinformation about the 2020 presidential election.

LaRock, whose district includes parts of Frederick, Clarke and Loudoun counties, has come under fire for taking part in the Stop the Steal rallies to challenge former President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread electoral fraud support in November. He also took part in the Save America rally on January 6th in Washington, DC, where Trump addressed a large crowd of supporters. After the rally, some in the crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol and interrupted a joint congressional session to count the votes of the electoral college to confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. The siege resulted in the deaths of a police officer and four civilians.

On his campaign website, LaRock publicly condemned forced entry, violence and the destruction of property at the Capitol, but said he was honored to “walk among the hundreds of thousands of patriots who had traveled from far and wide to peaceably oppose the 2020 election.” to protest “. He is aiming for re-election in November.

Frederick’s seven superiors, all of whom are Republicans, in their resolution call on Filler-Corn to overturn their decision, calling them “politically motivated”. You strongly support the exercise of his right to freedom of expression and assembly by Delegate LaRock and petition government for redress for complaints. “

“I think it’s important that all voices are heard in America, whether you like them or not, whether you agree with them or not, as long as you’re not breaking the law and exercising your constitutional right,” said Gainesboro Supervisor J. Douglas McCarthy . “I think we should encourage all voices to be heard.”

The resolution claims a sizable percentage of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election was subject to electoral irregularities and “significant electoral fraud.”

Shawnee Supervisor David Stegmaier, who introduced the resolution, told The Star that he originally planned to take a bus tour with dozens of other Trump supporters to take part in the Save America rally on January 6 in Washington. The trip was facilitated by local Republican activist David Sparkman and Susan Shick, a gun rights activist and legislative assistant for the 29th Del. District. Bill Wiley, R-Winchester, organized. But Stegmaier has changed his mind.

“I signed up, but then felt sick and didn’t want to infect anyone, so I didn’t leave in the end,” he said.

Stegmaier believes the mail-in voting system resulted in fraud in the November elections.

According to the Pew Research Center, 46% of voters cast postal or postal ballot papers. Many did this to avoid voting on election day over COVID-19 concerns.

“I want to support the resolution by calling Del. Thank you LaRock and the entire busload of northern Shenandoah Valley residents for giving enough time and money to travel to Washington DC and express their concern about the many anomalies encountered in the recent national elections, and hope that our government will take action at the national and state levels to address these persistent problems in our elections so that we can have full confidence that they will be fair everywhere and that the results will be fair and accurate. “Said Stegmaier.

LaRock was grateful for the resolution.

“On a personal level, I’m very grateful that you take the time and take an official position,” LaRock told The Star on Thursday. “I’ve had a wonderful working relationship with the Frederick County Board of Supervisors and with every elected official out there. I think they generally understand my dedication to things that are in the best interests of the county. “

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee, the Clarke County Democratic Committee, the Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee, the Loudoun County NAACP, and the Winchester Area NAACP have also urged LaRock to resign. In January he was criticized for referring to “the colored community” in a post on his website. He later replaced it with “minorities”.

In response to calls for LaRock to step down, the Frederick County Republican Committee and the Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Republican Women’s Group passed resolutions defending him. Both groups accused Loudoun regulators of “rhetoric against America and against the Constitution. ”

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