Gardai probing discovery of two handguns hopeful to provide breakthrough in Cork cold case murders

GARDAI, who is investigating the discovery of two handguns found in a trench at a construction site, hopes they will make a breakthrough in a series of murders and shootings across the city.

The revolver and semi-automatic pistol were uncovered on Ballincollie Road near Whites Cross on the north side of the city of Cork on Wednesday.


Gardai continues to investigate after the discovery of the two handgunsPhoto credit: © Damian Coleman, 2021Two handguns discovered in Cork on Wednesday


Two handguns discovered in Cork on WednesdayRepublican Aidan 'The Beast' O'Driscoll


Republican Aidan ‘The Beast’ O’Driscoll

It is believed that workers previously excavated the trench and the weapons were discovered in the disturbed earth by local teenagers who turned to the Gardai.


Garda sent the two handguns for ballistic analysis to see if they could be linked to a number of shootings across the city in recent years.

This includes the high profile murder of former top republican dissident Aidan “The Beast” O’Driscoll.

Due to the condition of the weapons, which showed signs of rust on parts, they are now investigating a number of unsolved murders by shooting in the city over the past few years.

One of the most notorious fatal shootings occurred in December 2016 when real IRA man Aidan O’Driscoll was shot at least four times on the main Cork to Limerick road in Blackpool after being dropped off by a buddy on his way home from work returned.

He was approached by two armed men and shot while trying to run away from them.

The 57-year-old was nicknamed “The Beast” for his underage performances on the GAA course when he was considered a very talented player.

Unsolved cases

O’Driscoll was a close friend of the murdered Dublin terrorist chief Alan Ryan, who was murdered in 2012 but remained in isolation after Ryan’s death.

Garda believed he was targeted for cash by former criminal employees in a row.

He had previously been shot dead in his home in Ballyvolane in June 2013.

To date, three men have been convicted of interfering with the arrest or prosecution of O’Driscoll’s killers, who have never been identified or charged with his murder.

Garda could also reopen 29-year-old Eric Cummings’ terrible shootout in front of his partner and young son at their Ballincollig home in August 2005 if ballistics tests point them in the direction of that murder.

They had just returned home around 10 p.m. and were just getting out of their car when a lone gunman approached Cummins, who at the time was considered a major player in the national drug scene and was known to Gardai.


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Here, too, his murder remains unsolved, although the shooter saw loitering near the house prior to the shooting.

It is believed that he retrieved the gun from the nearby bushes and opened fire on Cummins as he approached the car after his partner and child entered the house.

Garda appeals to anyone with information about the firearms to contact them

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