Garena Free Fire shotguns – Complete list and guide

Welcome to PocketGamer’s Free Fire Shotgun Guide! You’ve probably seen the other guides we wrote on Free Fire guns, but in case you missed it, here are the links:

Shotguns were first made in the early 19th century. They were mainly used by cavalry troops because they were easy to shoot and hit from horseback. Winchester later built a first pump-action shotgun, which US forces successfully used in trench warfare during World War I. Today they have a much broader area of ​​application: hunting, military, special forces, and even personal protection.

Simple Guide to Free Fire Shotguns

Learning how to properly use shotguns in Free Fire is really easy! They are melee weapons, and you should only use them when the enemy is not too far away. Plus, they’re excellent weapons when it comes to the end of the round and when the zone is narrowing around you.

The first lesson you need to learn is: don’t use shotguns outdoors! You can only use them when there are enough obstacles to hide behind. Otherwise, enemies will tear you to pieces with every weapon while trying to get within range.

So when do you use a shotgun in Free Fire?

At the start of the round, your opponents have no vests and helmets for protection. That way, you can tear them to pieces with shotguns. You can easily shoot someone in the head with a shotgun since it is a melee weapon and this always results in a one-shot kill in Free Fire.

Another good piece of advice would be if you are entering a house or other building that is not a large-area factory. In Free Fire, the shotgun is by far the most effective weapon that you can use to clear buildings.

If you are an expert on free fire shotguns, you will know how to use the Glou walls to take out your opponent. This action forces him into the closest possible fight where you have a huge advantage with a shotgun. It’s by far the easiest way to get them to play by your rules!

Since Garena Free Fire is a third person shooter, it’s easy to use corners to set up ambushes. And what better way to ambush than with a shotgun! If the enemy is too far out, hide behind the first corner so you can see your enemy. He won’t be able to see you. Wait for it to get close enough, get out and destroy it.
Whatever he’s using, he won’t be able to finish you off first.

Let’s dive into the list of Free Fire Shotguns and how-tos!

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