Greenworks Pro 60V 25-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks rocked the battery-powered OPE market some time ago with its 25-inch commercial mower. Now they have a 60V version for homeowners. We took out the Greenworks Pro 60V 25-inch self-propelled lawnmower to see how it could hold up against the best mowers we tested.


  • Excellent performance
  • Very good cut quality
  • Automatic switching of two ports
  • 23.75 inch cutting swath
  • Simple control system
  • Easy handle release for height adjustment and vertical storage


  • It is possible to press the speed dial while mowing, especially when cornering
  • We’d prefer a slightly slower speed on the lower end for cutting large, thick areas

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If you’ve seen the Commercial 82V version of this mower, you’ll immediately see the resemblance. And once you’re familiar with the latest generation of their 21-inch 60V self-propelled mower, you’ll find that some things have come out of it too.

Get a grip

Starting from the top, this is the same control system and handle design that the current 21-inch model uses. The handles tilt away from the center at a comfortable angle and the foam grip increases the comfort of your hands.

There is an LED level indicator for the two battery terminals that lights up when you press the power button, self-propelled bar, or blade bar.

Control yourself

Putting the mower in the aisle is pretty normal. Press the power button and pull the blade rod to bring it up to date. You can also choose to use self-propelled only if you need to get from point A to point B without pulling the blade bar first.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower Rating

What is interesting is that you can also reverse the process. First pull on the blade or self-propelled bar and then press the on / off switch. The mower will still come to life. I like it. No need to remember what order to go in – just hit what you need and go.

The speed is set at the front and in the middle. It’s handy, but some mowers will cause problems if we accidentally increase the speed to another level in this position. There are several ways to mitigate this: positive stops and stiffening of the dial. Greenworks comes with a stiffer dial and is quite effective. Still, I still accidentally bump it a couple of times on every cut.

Self-propelled has a pretty solid speed range. There’s a lot of top speed to keep up with my 6’2 ” frame. I actually want the lower end to go a little deeper. It’s fine most of the time. But when the grass is really tall and thick, I like to slow things down even more.

Energy reserves

Lift the hood and we will find two battery connections. You only need one pack to operate the mower and it will automatically switch when the first battery runs out.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower Rating

Height adjustments

As you move towards the deck, you can adjust the height with a single point adjustment. With the larger design and the associated higher weight, it would have been understandable to switch to a 2- or 4-point system. Instead, the design team made it easier for you.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower Rating

For gas mowers, a single point adjustment can cause the frame to lose rigidity and the system’s connection points to wear out before the mower has reached the end of its useful life. Weighing around 85 pounds, this mower is right on the edge, but we don’t see anything to worry about its ability to hold over time.

Double blades

Beneath the 25-inch steel deck, the 25-inch Greenworks Pro 60V self-propelled lawnmower uses two 12.5-inch blades to cover a true 23.75-inch cutting swath. Each blade is smaller and less mass than any individual blade other battery mowers use, so they can be powered on the popular 60V platform.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower Rating

The blades rotate in opposite directions and combine with the deck design to direct the clipping towards the pocket. It’s an effective system that does a solid job.

Cut quality

If you’re like us and prefer to mulch, you can use double knives and double cutting edges to cut the grass into finer pieces than we see with many other electric mowers.

You do not get a side discharge option with this model. That doesn’t surprise us. It gives the deck fewer breaks in its airflow where you would normally place the slide.

The evenness of the cut is also solid. With two blades there is a possibility of leaving a mow hawk behind. However, Greenworks’ overlapping blades and speed leave nothing behind.

It also looks like they dialed the lift well, pulled the grass up to cut it at the same height, and effectively aimed it at the bag.

Power play

One of the things I really wanted to see was how powerful this mower was. The blades may have less bulk, but cutting nearly 24 inches at a time is a difficult task, especially when transitioning from an 82V system to 60V.

After cutting an area of ​​grass to the maximum of the mower, I dropped the deck all the way to see if it would cut. The idea is to find out what the minimum effective height of cut is, and usually we need to raise the deck up a notch or two. Surprise, surprise – Greenworks is able to hit the 1 to 3/8 inch minimum.

When you get into these tougher cutting situations, you can hear the brushless motor taking more power to drive these blade speeds. This type of intelligent response gives you more power when you need it and saves runtime when you don’t.

The caveat is that it won’t mulch very well when it has so much grass to chop and very little space to lay. If you find yourself in such a cutting situation, plan on bagging them.

Duration and cut range

That leads us to the question of how much runtime we get. For battery tools, more power usually means less run time. We charged the batteries included in the kit – a rather unusual combination of 2 Ah and 4 Ah. Thanks to the automatic switchover, we essentially had an uninterruptible 6.0 Ah power source on board.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25 Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower Rating

We cut the entire lawn to 5 “with our Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 and then ran the Greenworks mower at 3” to see how long it would run on a maintenance cut. We have 26-1 / 2 minutes. We would be a bit disappointed with this run time with a smaller mower, but thanks to the larger deck we actually cut off more area than many of the other battery mowers we test.

In the lightest cutting conditions, you can expect a run time of up to an hour. The trick to getting the most out of your battery mower’s life is to mow when the grass is dry and the temperatures are cool. That’s not always possible like it is now in Florida, where it starts raining around the time the grass finally gets dry, but we can still dream …

We’d say the Greenworks Pro 60V 25-inch self-propelled lawnmower is a great option for mowing up to 1/3 of an acre on a regular basis. If you upgrade to a pair of 5.0Ah batteries, you will see a solid 1/2 acre or more in the conditions we are struggling with.

Additional field notes

As with many battery operated mowers, you can fold the handle of this model forward and store it vertically. It’s a very simple system too. Simply pull up on the green tabs to release and pivot the handle forward. These are the same versions that you use to switch between the two handle heights. A handle on the front gives you an easy point to pull it up.

While cutting, we noticed that you cannot roll backwards immediately. You only need to slide the mower forward one touch to turn off the drive before you can retract it.


You can purchase this model directly from Greenworks for $ 599 with a pair of 4.0 Ah batteries. Both the mower and the batteries are guaranteed for 4 years. It’s $ 100 more than the 21-inch model with a 5.0 Ah battery.

If you look at other battery operated mowers in this price range, Greenworks is one of the most compelling models in terms of performance and coverage.

The bottom line

We’re really impressed with the translation of Greenworks’ commercial battery mower into a residential option. When choosing from two solid self-propelled mowers, it’s really a matter of deciding which one is better for your lawn: the 21-inch or the 25-inch lawn mower. Thanks to its two battery connections and the wider deck, this model is geared towards larger lawns. Grab the 21-inch if you’re keeping 1/4 acre or less and go above it with the 25-inch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading!

Greenworks Pro 60V 25-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Specifications

  • Model: Greenworks 2510802
  • Power source: Greenworks 60V battery
  • Deck size: 25 inches
  • Deck materials: steel
  • Cutting swath: 23.75 in
  • Blade diameter: 2 x 12.5 inches
  • Height range: 1-3 / 8 – 3 3/4 inches
  • Cutting positions: 7
  • Discharge: mulch or sack
  • Warranty: 4 years mower and batteries
  • Price: $ 599

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