Gun charges added for Waterloo man in October search | Crime and Courts

WATERLOO – Authorities have brought charges against a Waterloo man who passed out with a stolen gun in his car in October while on parole due to a failed robbery in 2018.

Waterloo Police on Tuesday charged 27-year-old Adnan Alibegic with the criminal in possession of a firearm in connection with two other gun officers from the violent crime team found at his home on Western Avenue in October 2020.

According to court records, police found a 9mm bull and a 9mm SCCY pistol in his bedroom when they issued a search warrant on October 20.

According to court records, Alibegic and others tried to rob a man in an apartment building on Brookeridge Drive in October 2018, but the plan fell apart when someone saw them with guns and called the police.

In October 2020, Alibegic was found unconscious on probation in a car parked in a supermarket parking lot. According to court records, the vehicle also contained a loaded STI .45 pistol, a bag of meth and a bottle of prescription pills. He was arrested for a crime involving gun possession and dealing in stolen weapons and drug charges.

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