Gun linked to IRA posted for sale on website

Concerns were raised after a rifle allegedly used by the IRA went online for sale.

The US-made AR15, which is said to be owned by the IRA, was posted on a dedicated military website, MJL Militaria, based in Stafford.

The deactivated weapon was advertised as the “extremely rare ex-IRA Colt AR15A2” and cost £ 1,795.

The AR-15 model was used by the IRA during the riot and several batches are believed to have been shipped to Ireland via supporters in the United States.

It has been reported that early deliveries were made across the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2005 the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning said the IRA had rendered the rest of its weapons unusable.

A selection of weapons advertised on the military site ranges from AK 47 to WWII weapons and hand grenades.

When a spokesman for MJL Militaria was contacted last night, he said he did not want to comment.

Shortly after the Irish News was contacted, the AR15’s online list was changed and removed with a reference to the IRA.

The website claims that “all items can be legally purchased by anyone over the age of 18”.

Other listings on the site included details of a supposedly former RIC Ruger AC556 Mini 14 and an “old spec” ex-RIC Universal M1 Carbine.

However, both models were not developed until many decades after the disappearance of the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary).

SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly said she was shocked that a gun related to the issues was being advertised online.

“It’s pretty hideous,” she said.

“There are still families waiting for answers and justice, and these weapons could reveal some of their secrets if handed over to forensic teams within the police force.”

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