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If we look at the boulder shoot, we can probably determine if there is any party guilty by association. In 1994, Congress passed law banning the sale of assault weapons such as the AR15 and large magazines. In 1994, President Clinton signed the bill, which included a 10-year sunset clause. For the next 10 years, the NRA funded an intimidation program for Congress that resulted in the legislation not being renewed. This made the AR15 readily available to the bouldering archer.

If the legislation had been expanded, the shooter would not have had access to an AR15 weapon. Without the false courage he gained from the AR15 gun with the large magazine, it would be very likely that he would not have killed anyone. How did we get by without the AR15 for 10 years?

The proliferation of these weapons in our country has also caused catastrophic problems in Mexico and Central America. It is estimated that over 2,000 weapons were transferred to drug cartels in Mexico in the U.S. government’s unfortunate Fast and Furious program alone. Arming the cartels has made it very difficult for legal governments in Mexico and Central America to control crime in their countries. This has resulted in the current migration from Central America and most of the illegal drugs entering the United States.

We, the voters, are responsible for this problem too. We continue to vote for politicians with weak knees who give in to the intimidation of the NRA, or worse, we vote for politicians who have given their money to the NRA and the arms industry.

Isn’t it amazing that a supposedly intelligent society would allow an industry to wreak so much havoc in our part of the world?

George Mathes, Green Valley

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