Gun Reviews & Facebook Opinions: How to Cut Through the Clutter When Buying a New Gun

When it comes to buying a new gun, it pays to do your homework. They want to know that you are getting a reliable platform, that it has no glaring security issues, and that you are getting great value for money. The problem is that this information can be quite difficult to find when most of the internet is determined to either sell you something or to convince you that anything they don’t sell is “junk”.

There are many legitimate commercial websites devoted to firearms verification, including SOFREP’s sister site, the Loadout Room. Many of these websites have relationships with gun manufacturers for good reason. There’s no better way to find out about Glock’s new 19X, for example, than knowing a guy in his office – but this can become a problem when that relationship turns financial. Some sites look like a legitimate review site but are actually clever marketing ventures. After all, a press release is one thing, but having a (seemingly) unbiased third party praising your gun is far more valuable.

That doesn’t mean the end of your predicament, however, as there are still the jaded bloggers to deal with. I grew up in the racing industry (the Street, Open Wheel, and Busted Knuckles variety) and, because of my age, I have a clear memory of the early days of the auto forums. Long before Facebook gave us the ability to keep in touch, long before Reddit made forums obsolete, like-minded guys had found groups devoted to our interests to talk about crafts and compare notes. The thing about the types of cars, however, is that whatever they like is that bestwhat they don’t like is rubbish, and what they haven’t done yet is not possible.

Sound familiar? If so, you likely made the mistake of mentioning a firearm somewhere on the internet and then saw a flurry of trolling comments encouraging you to throw it away. If you’re the Glock type, 1911s are rubbish. If you’re a 1911 guy, Glocks are junk, and if you’re a Ford guy it doesn’t matter how nice the Trans Am is to others … it will always be junk to you.

And it’s all ridiculous.

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