GUNS Magazine .22 Magnum For Self-Defense


What kind of .22 magnums can make me feel comfortable? I found two.

One day I walked into our gun shop and noticed my son working behind the counter with a KelTec PMR30 in his holster. Later, when we were in the office counting our meager sales for the day, I asked him about it. He said, “Dad, if you wear it all day you won’t even notice this light weapon. And I think it’s loud and has 31 round hollow Magnum points. Nobody will stay with me and fight me in an exchange of fire if I shoot at him with the fire-breathing, loud gun that just keeps shooting. “

I’ve pondered his reaction many times when I photograph one of my .22 Magnums, including the PMR30. My son is a young man who does not have arthritis, bursitis and other painful illnesses that plague us old people, but he occasionally has a problem with his gitalong due to a soccer ball injury. Nobody likes being shot, and the psychological aspect of having a lot of bullets hit you quickly could stop aggressive behavior as quickly as the damage those bullets do.

The PMR-30 is very light. The total unloaded weight is only 14 ounces. and a loaded 30-round magazine doesn’t bring much weight. It is 7.9 “long, 5.8” high and 1.3 “wide with a 4.3” barrel. The handle is large due to the 30-round double-stack magazine and the magazine release is at the base of the handle. There is ambidextrous security and a small slide lock on the left. The book says the deduction is 5 pounds. but mine is closer to 3 pounds. with a quick take and a quick reset.

The manual indicates that the PMR-30 works best with high-powered ammunition, often with a bullet weight of 40 g. and up. They recommend CCI Maxi Mag 40 grain, Winchester Super-X 40 grain, and Remington Premier Magnum 33 grain. I’ve shot all of these, and as long as the feed ramp is clean, they’re fine. I have also used other types of ammunition with good results. I would feel adequately armed with this gun loaded with 31 rounds of 40 grams. Hollow points or even Hornady Critical Defense 45-gr. FTX cartridges. As for holsters, it fits pretty well in a 1911 holster.

So the KelTec PMR30 is at the top of my list of guns I would have with me if I absolutely couldn’t operate a 9mm motor. KelTec started promoting this weapon in 2010, but for the longest time they have been very difficult to come by. We got them in our gun shop and the first six we got were taken over by our staff.

To get one from our wholesalers, we had to buy something else in the $ 1,200-1,500 range. Eventually my son and I each got one and they are one of our prized weapons. I’m no longer an FFL so my finger is out on the pulse, but I’ve been told they’re a lot easier to come by now. I see the MSRP is currently $ 478.

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