GUNS Magazine Need A Third Hand?


The XS engineers have done some nifty design work sure to reduce the number of collectibles on your bench. More workspace is always a benefit, right? This single block of 6061 T6 Aluminum (plus an optional plastic adapter) is cut, shaped and milled to take the place of multiple AR receiver blocks.

Oriented vertically, in portrait mode, so to speak, it supports an entire rifle or pistol (or just the lower receiver) through the magazine well. Flip it over and the opposing end is sized for AR10 receivers.

Oriented horizontally, the unit is designed to support an AR15 upper receiver from the inside. And yes, you guessed it, flip it over and the pivot takedown pinholes line up with an AR10 rifle or pistol.

To sum up the fit options, this handy multi-block will fit most any AR15 or AR10 platform. As AR10s are not standardized like the AR15 design, the XS team has ensured this block will fit a variety of AR10 types. To sum things up, it’ll fit the DPMS pattern 308, DPMS GII and Armalite Rifle in addition to all the standard AR15s and M4s. And yes, this includes the SR25 too. Do be aware the unit won’t fit a 300 Win Mag or 12-gauge “AR,” but everything else should be peachy. There’s a nylon adjustment screw for fine-tuning accounting for variations in the magazine well size, so you’ll always have a snug fit, and your work won’t move around on you.

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