GUNS Magazine Pros And Cons Of The AR

Undeniably influential

The properties of reliability and durability, valued by the military and police, are also valued by hunters and sport shooters. I’m not going to say an AR is more reliable than a repeater of similar quality, but it certainly is no less.

There are so many high quality components and so many accessories out there today that an AR can be set up to fit almost any shooter. And there we have another advantage – with some basic training and inexpensive tools, we can do most of the gunsmithing work at home. Rebarring a Mauser or Springfield requires tools and skills most of us lack, while rebaring an AR is a fairly simple task.

Some AR functions appear on repeating rifles. The popular Ruger Precision Rifle features a floating barrel and handguard, fully adjustable stock, interchangeable pistol grip, and easily interchangeable barrels.

On the “disadvantage” side, the cartridge selection is limited by the size of the magazine and the operating system (I’m talking about standard rifles .223 / 5.56 mm). The range of pest cartridges is excellent, and there are some nice choices for large bore but not so much for medium / long range big game hunting.

The nature of the AR design places the line of sight significantly higher than the hole. When an AR is sighted, say at 200 yards, the point of impact may be 10 to 20 yards below the line of sight several inches. This can be critical for police or defense purposes, less so for hunting purposes. And maybe this is a personal thing, but I find most ARs a little bit more snot-heavy than I think is ideal.

To reiterate, your constitutional rights and your decision as to whether or not to have an AR are entirely up to you and do not require justification for athletic purposes. Regardless of this, the design fulfills several “sporting purposes” very well. If you’re a pure target shooter or hunter, don’t overlook the AR. You will find that it meets your needs in an admirable manner.

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