GUNS Magazine Real Avid Gun Tool AMP

Like AR owners, we owe handguns to our fair share of handicrafts. So a multitool specially developed for John Moses Browning’s pistol is just the thing for people like me. In the Gun Tool AMP 1911 there is a 2.6 inch drop point blade, four hex keys with laser sight / trigger adjustment, a pin punch of the main spring housing, a hammer, a profile socket wrench for government / officials, a carbon scraper, a metal file, a mandrel and a four sizes of wrenches. The damn thing even has a bottle opener, while the carrying holster hides various Flat, Hex and Torx parts.

And for the millions who shoot other pistols, the Gun Tool AMP Pistol was made for you. Tools include a 2.6-inch Wharncliffe blade, four hex wrenches for laser sight / trigger adjustment, a punch, hammer, carbon scraper, metal file, mandrel, four sizes of wrenches, and a reliable bottle opener. The bits are equipped with Phillips, Flat, Hex and Torx heads.

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