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LEESBURG – Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of Handley sophomore, Simon Bishop, prevented his opponent from making a major mistake in his words in the 152-pound Region 4C championship game on Friday night at Tuscarora High School.

Bishop won a point and rose 3-2 early in the third half when Loudoun County’s Matthew Roberts was punished for using swear words at the referee, according to judge-coach Troy Mezzatesta. Bishop went on to win the title at the Region 4C wrestling tournament.

This penalty point was the final point of the game, but there was no question which wrestler worked harder to win.

The two wrestlers started the third period in neutral, and the previously undefeated Roberts stood up slowly after all three restarts in the third period and only slowly reached the starting line. And during the actual wrestling period, Junior Roberts (20-1) was unable to face a serious threat for the loss to Bishop (20-1) needed in the third period.

Bishop is one of two regional champions and three state qualifiers for Handley. Junior Cam Gordon (19-2) won with £ 120 and the second Rodd’ney Davenport (14-4) finished second with 285. Only the top two wrestlers in each weight class will make it to the Class 4 State tournament, which will be held on Saturday at the Virginia Beach Sports Center.

After the judges won the title of the tournament team of class 4 in the northwest in Fauquier last week, they finished fifth out of 12 teams on Friday. Loudoun County won with 135 points, and the Captains were followed by Northwestern District Schools Liberty (127.5), Fauquier (125) and Kettle Run (94).

Tech-wise, Bishop’s wrestling moves didn’t give him the lead in the third half against Roberts on Friday. But the work Bishop did in the first two periods showed Roberts – a fourth state finisher in 2019 – that he was in a battle, and Roberts’ words and body language in the third period indicated that the battle was taking a toll challenged him.

Roberts recorded a takedown 10 seconds into the game but was disqualified from there. The Bishops saw a reversal at the 56-second mark of the second period to level the game 2-2.

“I had a game plan, but he shot it down [opening] Whistle, I just wasn’t expecting it at all and it clearly surprised me, ”said Bishop, who won his first two games in the fall and an important decision on Friday. “When I went down early in the game, I knew I was fighting pretty hard. I feel like [Roberts] is physically much bigger than me and I just kept pushing and one thing led to another.

“I was definitely better conditioned. And in the third period I was more of the attacker, I felt. “

Though Roberts was moving particularly slowly before the third period restart, Mezzatesta noted that Roberts took the time to run throughout the game. Mezzatesta said when the umpire raised this point with Roberts at the end of the second period, Roberts made a mundane remark.

On the other hand, Bishop was going about his business and Mezzatesta was impressed. Bishop failed to make it to the regional tournament at £ 138 as a freshman after losing to two later state finalists in the district tournament, and now he’s going to his first state tournament.

“Simon played a great match,” said Mezzatesta. “This week in training I kept saying to him, ‘Last week was redemption, this week’s affirmation. ‘He confirmed who he is here.

“He showed that this wasn’t going to be too big a moment for him. He struggled hard, kept his focus, and was determined all the way. [Roberts] Let things affect him and it will cost him. Moments like these are certainly not too big for Simon. “

Gordon also won a one-point match against a wrestler from Loudoun County in the final, beating Timmy Faber 4-3 (15-4).

Gordon opened the scoring with a takedown in the first period and then gave up a reversal, but Gordon got an early reversal in the second period to move up 4-2. He then controlled Faber for most of the remainder of the game, only giving up a 30-second vanishing point in the third period.

“I felt good about the game,” said Gordon, who nailed his first two opponents on Friday. “I shouldn’t have given up the reversal, but I was confident of going into the second phase. I got up and flipped a stationary switch, then rode it off the rest of the time. Then I felt like I did a pretty good job in the third period. When he escaped, I didn’t let him get on my feet. “

Bishop said it felt good to win against Roberts as he might be his top contender at the state tournament, and Gordon felt the same way beating Faber. Gordon is on his way to the state tournament for the second year in a row after finishing third last year with £ 106.

Mezzatesta wasn’t surprised at how Gordon responded after giving up on the reversal, repeating what he’d said about the junior earlier this week.

“There isn’t a moment when he’s scared,” said Mezzatesta. “He’s just going to keep competing, keep competing and keep competing, and then that’s what it is in the end. He wrestled great.

“He got mixed up well. It got a little high at times where the guy was almost trying to suck it under him – if you have a leg, you kind of want to get on your hips again – and he could crawl out of there. He wrestles really well. “

Davenport lost in the £ 285 final to Second Year Broad Run to Alex Birchmeir (19-0), who was third in the state last year. Birchmeir had taken a 2-0 lead when he was punished for the 2-1 24-1 in the second half, but almost immediately after Birchmeir laid Davenport on his back and won him 2:46.

Mezzatesta said it was a learning moment from Davenport. Mezzatesta said Davenport tried to drag Birchmeir into him so he could kick him aside, but Birchmeier wouldn’t turn around and he could come straight down on Davenport. Mezzatesta said this move worked well for Davenport when it was at 220 pounds last year, but it is difficult to fight someone as heavy and strong as Burchmeir.

That defeat forced Davenport to a second place against Gavin Robertson von Fauquier. Davenport stuck Robertson in the second round of last week’s district tournament, but this time it was only 14 seconds after he knocked Robertson down with a hook.

Mezzatesta said Davenport deserved to return to the state tournament because of his hard work. Davenport qualified as a freshman but did not run due to a concussion.

“That means a lot [to go back the state tournament]”Said Davenport, who pinned his semi-final opponent on Friday after bidding farewell in the quarterfinals.” I had a concussion last year but I feel like I used that as an excuse for it [compete]. There was a part of me that was scared and I just didn’t want to compete. I’ve worked hard this year to prepare because I wanted to show that I can keep up. “

Handley – with 12 wrestlers who qualified for the regional tournament – also showed strong performances from newbies Nick Baker (third at £ 106) and Garrett Stickley (fourth at £ 113).

Baker lost the championship game 6-4 to Loudoun County in their sophomore year, Bryson Rios (9-0). In the game for second place Baker lost 4-3 against Liberty’s Christian Eberhart in a rematch of the district final, which Baker won 5-4. Eberhart broke a 2-2 draw with a reversal with 56 seconds in the third period.

“I’m really proud of Nick,” said Mezzatesta. “Every other year [when the top four from each weight class make the state tournament]He will likely have an impact on the state tournament and come home with a medal. I’m also excited about Garrett.

“We have some good, good kids who go to the state tournament and hopefully we can make enough noise to get into the top 15 or top 10.”

Notes: Due to a submission error, an incorrect pin total for Bishop was listed in the Wrestling Guides that appeared in the Friday edition. Bishop now has 12 pins after picking one on Friday. … sophomore Fauquier and ex-Handley wrestler Kingsley Menifee was the only Falcon to win a regional title, winning both of his opponents for £ 182. … The VHSL has announced that due to Executive Order 72 of Governor Ralph Northam, which sets an upper limit of 25 spectators for indoor events, no spectators are allowed to participate in one of the state wrestling tournaments. The VHSL allows third and fourth place winners to participate in regional tournaments, only in the event that one of the state qualifiers has to be excluded from the state tournament competition.

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