Hawkins teen out on bond jailed again after police find stolen gun in vehicle | News

KINGSPORT – A Hawkins County teenager on $ 25,000 bail for burglary, theft, assault, and other crimes was arrested early Tuesday after police allegedly found a stolen, loaded pistol and three teenagers in found the vehicle he was driving.

Shortly after midnight, Isaac Hutchins, the Hawkins County’s deputy sheriff, reportedly watched a 2008 Honda Civic driven by Dylan Gregory Herron, 18, 132 Pine St., Church Hill, and at high speed on the Lewis Lane in Allandale drove south.

The Honda reportedly couldn’t stop at the red light on Highway 11-W and turned right. In his report, Hutchins stated that Herron almost hit a second vehicle and “ruthlessly drove into the 11-W’s fast lane, regardless of public safety.”

When the vehicle stopped, Hutchins learned that Herron was neither licensed nor insured. Herron reportedly admitted that he had .38 caliber bullets in his possession, but said he had no weapon or anything illegal and gave Hutchins permission to search the vehicle.

Hutchins allegedly found three sets of scales, a bag of crystal scraps, a marijuana bong under the front seat on which a teenager was sitting, and a loaded 9mm Taurus pistol with a cartridge in the chamber under the back seat cushion on which two other teenagers were sitting sat. The pistol had been reported stolen at Kingsport and the serial number had been changed.

Herron initially stated that he did not know anything about items found in the car. He later allegedly stated that the gun was his and that he got it from a friend.

On Tuesday, Herron was detained in Hawkins County Jail without bond until a charge of possession of stolen property (the gun), three charges of contributing to a minor’s crime, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to exercise guilt was brought on Wednesday, revised serial number the gun, possession of a gun under the age of 21, no insurance, driver’s license suspended and red light violation.

On February 10, Herron appeared before the trial court, where several charges, including burglary, two cases of car theft, four cases of theft, assault, resistance to arrest, and evasion of arrest, were tied to a grand jury.

Some of those allegations came from an October 19, 2020 incident in which Herron was involved in a home invasion and attack on Carters Valley Road involving two teenage men, allegedly to collect a debt from a 17-year-old man for a previous alcohol purchase.

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