Hunting with Savage Through the Lone Star State

Savage’s nifty, extensive firearms have something for every hunter, especially when in the Lone Star State.

Savage Arms has come a long way in the past decade. Savage is a brand rooted in providing nature lovers and marksmen with high quality firearms at an affordable price. Savage has gradually become a household name in the nature industry.

In the course of their development they have led the competition while expanding their product lines with a wider range of weapons for hunting and shooting purposes.

The rifles have become more modular so that hunters and shooters can get the perfect fit for optimal performance. New innovations have opened doors for those who indulge in niche hunting activities. Quality has remained consistent throughout as each new Savage project seeks to reset the standard for the entire firearms industry.

As a group of hunting fanatics, the Wide Open Spaces crew took note of Savage’s ability to deliver on its promise to meet the needs of the hunters and reflected on how we would make good use of each of their hunting weapons.

Since we are based in Texas, we decided to keep it local and choose a hypothetical hunt in the Lone Star State for each of our favorite weapons.

While this particular modern long-range sporting rifle works best on the range, the first thing that comes to mind is predators when we have to decide which quarrying site to use. If you’ve camped in Texas before, the harrowing howl of a coyote is probably no stranger to it.

They’re phantom-like in that you never see them, but you almost always hear them. The hardest part of predator control is getting them close enough for an ethical shot (unless you have some sort of predator call).

Distance, however, is less of an obstacle to a 6.5 Creedmoor, which normally thrives within precision shooting parameters. However, with its elite ballistic coefficient, a predator hunter can be sure of his shot regardless of wind, temperature or weather.

If you stare at a coyote 300 meters away in the middle of the night, the less you have to worry, the better.

While the MSR-10 Hunter is also available in 6.5 Creedmoor, it would only make sense to use a .308 Winchester rendering to confuse it.

A .308 is similar to a 6.5, although there are minor differences in ballistics. A 6.5 has a superior ballistic coefficient, but the .308 offers just that little bit more knockdown power that you’d want from a big Texas boar.

Make no mistake, however, a .308 can easily reach up to 800 meters with the right shooter behind the trigger. This makes them an all-rounder option for those Texas hunters looking to eradicate pigs from their deer lease.

The MSR-10 Hunter Overwatch also features a compact design to minimize weight, plus a black MOE buttstock and pistol grip from MAGPUL to make you more efficient when you need to get off your booth and get mobile.

This revolutionary shotgun requires its own list of hunts in Texas because the state offers such a wide variety of wild birds, especially waterfowl. However, if you want to hunt in Texas, you can also indulge in the most iconic hunting opportunities.

Instead of reaching for the low hanging fruit when harvesting a particular duck or goose hunt, we ended up on a sandhill crane hunt in the Texas Panhandle.

Widely known as the “Ribeye of the Sky”, sandhill crane meat is a delicacy among Texan nature lovers. Hunting is different from any other wing shot experience.

Savage’s innovative Dual Regulating Inline Valve (DRIV) gas system provides excessive gas venting prior to driving the bolt, resulting in even output, less recoil and a bubble cycle rate.

An adjustable shaft allows hunters to set the perfect length for pull, comb height and fall and throw. Plus, with the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo, hunters will never feel restricted.

Every big game hunter knows that backcountry trekking means saving weight. One of the heaviest objects a hunter carries into the mountains is of course a rifle.

Savage addressed the needs of the backcountry hunter with the 110 Ultralite with Accufit, which weighs just 5.8 pounds.

In Texas, if you are looking for a big game hunt in the backcountry, the only option is an aoudad hunt southwest near Big Bend National Park. While you have to pay for a landowner’s label, tracking an aoudad through the Texas mountains is something very special, which makes it a very special experience.

This particular rifle would no doubt get the job done by its weight or lack of it, but it offers far more than an easy-to-pack firearm.

It also features Savage’s AccuFit stem, which offers adjustable comb height, draw length and overmoldable surfaces. Thanks to the exclusive PROOF Research barrel made of stainless steel, which is wrapped in carbon fiber, hunters are also protected from inclement weather.

If you could take four trips to get the best hunting experience in Texas, you couldn’t go wrong with any of these Savage guns and they would no doubt get the job done.

Which hunts would your top 4 do?



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